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  • Mobile Marketing: What Forwardfacing Marketers Are Considering

    E-Commerce: Preparing for mobile payments One of the biggest traditional mobile commerce challenges for visitors on mobile devices is going through the process of buying something. Even with a responsive websites or mobile only experience, it is very difficult to make online payments. Mobile payments systems are finally starting to gain ground among users.

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  • Inspiring Content Marketing: Just Do It!

    I read a really SEO- inspirational story on this week about musician Matt Farley, who made $27,000 making music on the side, and getting it on spotify and iTunes, after noticing that people type in ‘weird stuff’. High five to Matt Farley for leveraging the long tail of iTunes and Spotify! Some cool takeaways for the rest of us a) Dive in even if you suck at first When ever you ...

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  • 4 Awesome Holiday Strategies From 2014

    So, it is almost inventory time and many of us have holiday hangovers! I know that I’ve spent a good deal of time shopping online and offline this year and thought I’d share some of the cool offline / online integration strategies and online strategies that I’ve seen this season. 1 – Receipt by email as part of the big box POS experience Even for in-store visitors who are prot ...

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