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  • 10 things you can do to up your conversion rate right now

    You can’t improve conversion rates with gut instincts, no matter how experienced, robust or impressive your gut may be. Fortunately, we’ve made guesswork obsolete. It’s time to start convincing more people to opt-in and stick around with ten techniques you can put to work today–like, right now. ...

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  • 10 conversion blunders and how to avoid them

    You’re probably a great decision maker when it comes to navigating life, going with your “gut” instincts and creating serendipitous moments. But, If you’ve been trying to make conversion strategy your “6th sense,” you can stop today. Your intuition has no place in conversion strategy. It’s fine to take educated guesses on what you think will improve conversions, but make sure ...

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  • What we learned at the Digiday Retail Summit: Tomorrow’s store, today’s hurdles

    Remember when your grandma clipped coupons? Sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, scissors in hand, then organized her spoils by expiration date. Today, that behavior is so much an outlier, it’s got its own reality show. Today’s retail consumer doesn’t jump through hoops—they don’t shuttle from store to store looking for a deal, they don’t print out receipts to return ...

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