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  • B2B vs. B2C: What’s the social strategy?

    Social advertising allows for a bevy of ways to effectively reach people on social platforms, both in their personal and their professional lives. Whether your brand desires to advertise to consumers or businesses, social platforms can return strong ROI when you have the right strategy. People-based advertising A core draw of social advertising for B2C and B2B advertisers is ...

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  • How to make ads less adversarial

    Ads on social platforms and sponsored content on media sites are becoming more pervasive and increasingly harder to spot. While there has been an overall improvement in trust in advertising over the last three years, digital ad distrust still hovers around 39 percent, per YouGov. Your brand relies on social advertising and sponsored content to feed the top, middle and bottom ...

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  • What is the value of a ‘Like?’

    I remember the days when you could only run Page Like campaigns within Facebook advertising. Brands and advertisers poured tens, often hundreds, of thousands of dollars collecting Likes, and Facebook had us convinced there was value in doing so. Today, there are various advertising opportunities and objectives, but Likes are still widely considered an indicator of brand loyal ...

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  • 10 tips to make the most of live video

    Video is hands-down the hottest topic for most brands these days, and from my experience, I’d say it’s taken over “mobile” as the buzzword of the year. In particular, live video, disseminated on social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, has brands and advertisers clamoring to get into the action.

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  • Pro tips for every Facebook visual ad type

    Advertisers flock to Facebook and Instagram because of the unparalleled targeting, engaged audiences and bevy of visual ad products. Clients frequently ask me what the “best” type of ad is on Facebook. The truth is, they are all capable of driving incredible ROI when you know how to best utilize them.

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  • Three paid social features you need to try in 2017

    Hopefully, your social advertising program has been able to hit the ground running in 2017. Now that you’ve determined your budgets, goals and targeting for the new year, it’s time to try out some shiny new social ad features. The three that I would personally recommend testing in Q1 include updated features to Facebook Dynamic Ads, Pinterest’s addition of Promoted App Pins ...

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  • 8 tips for jump-starting your social ads in 2017

    Would you like to level up your social advertising in 2017? The first few weeks of January are a crucial time to hit the ground running and gain valuable insights to carry your strategy throughout the year. This post will walk you through some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your social ads in 2017. 1.

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  • How you should be leveraging native ads in 2017

    As advertisers plan 2017 media budgets, native advertising needs to be a discussion point. While many interpretations exist, the most agreed-upon definition of native advertising is “a form of paid media in which the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

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  • Pinterest & Snapchat: 12 tips to dial in your visual ads

    By this point, we’ve all traded enough Facebook advertising Q4 tips (raising hand) to write a few books on the subject. If you’re not using all the tools in Facebook’s ROI kit in the next few weeks through the busy holiday shopping season, you don’t have many excuses. But what about for the newer social platforms that don’t have as many best practices in circulation? For re ...

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  • 10 tips for retailers’ Q4 social advertising

    Social advertising in Q4 is expensive. Higher intent to purchase among holiday shoppers means that CPMs and CPCs (costs per thousand and costs per click) skyrocket because advertisers are all vying for those valuable consumer impressions. In social, you will feel these effects even if you’re not a holiday-based business, because good consumers will fall into audience targetin ...

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  • 4 solutions to dial in your Facebook attribution

    So you’re advertising on Facebook and have a good handle on the levers that drive performance, but one thing you don’t have completely dialed in is your attribution. If this sounds like your brand, you are not alone. Facebook attribution is a topic I’ve discussed with every single one of my clients at some point and continue to build a conversation around.

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  • 4 ways for Twitter to stay relevant

    When asked where my clients put their social advertising dollars to drive real ROI, I frequently find myself saying, “Facebook is like the Google of social, and Twitter is like Bing.” I hate saying it, but it’s the reality. Facebook dominates in terms of ad dollars and performance and has the user base and engagement to back up growth that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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  • 9 new and semi-secret Facebook targeting options

    Whether it’s performance-driven advertising, awareness or engagement you’re seeking, Facebook undoubtedly offers the best targeting options of all social platforms. The ability to tap into a plethora of your own first-party data, use it for predictive modeling and pair it with third-party data makes Facebook a go-to platform for just about every brand.

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  • Where Instagram and Facebook advertising converge and where they differ

    As of last count, Instagram had 500 million monthly active users and (already) more advertisers than Twitter. Combine that with a bunch of capabilities and targeting options the platform inherited from Facebook, and it’s clear we’re looking at a burgeoning advertising powerhouse. About that overlap with Facebook, though — how is it manifesting so far? Where has Instagram adv ...

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  • 10 tips for successful Pinterest advertising

    Pinterest has always been about the sharing and discovery of ideas. It’s also becoming quite the powerful advertising platform to drive performance marketing through the concept of idea discovery. With the 10 tips below, you’ll be ready to take on Pinterest advertising like a true pro. 1. Use one pin per campaign A/B testing of creative (pins) should be done at the campaign level.

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  • 5 Major Takeaways from Facebook’s Q1 Performance

    5 Major Takeaways from Facebook’s Q1 Performance Posted: 04.21.2016 We’re about to release our findings from Facebook’s Q1 data. If you’d like the VERY abbreviated version: mobile, spend, performance, Instagram: boom. Oh, you’d like to hear more? Here are our major takeaways (and stay tuned for a full report in coming days): 1) Advertisers are spending more on Facebook.

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  • The ideal Facebook advertising structure: single objective

    There are multiple ways you can structure a Facebook advertising account. What I’d like to share today is a tried-and-true method I’ve honed over the years. It’s a structure that we follow 100 percent of the time for our clients. At its core, it’s simple and logical, yet it is not how most advertisers are structuring their accounts on Facebook.

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