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  • 7 Time Management Shortcuts for Marketers Who Can’t Write

    Marketing today is writing – whether you like it or not. Ten new ad headlines are due. 4,000 words on the topic du jour are needed by 5 pm. And all you can do is stare at a blank screen. The blinking cursor on a fresh white page, mocking you. Putting the proverbial pen to paper can be tricky for many. Even the most seasoned writers have days when the Words. Just. Won’t. Come.

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  • How to Promote a Book: 8 Lessons from Bestsellers

    Publishers publish. They don’t necessarily promote. They might “distribute” (heavy on the air quotes). But…to where? Borders? Oh that’s right. They don’t exist anymore. And good luck finding a Barnes & Noble or any other needle-moving retail chain out there. You want a bestseller? The fact is, you’re gonna have to roll up your sleeves and make it a bestseller.

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  • 10 Free Copywriting Resources to Catapult Revenue (Or Your Money Back)

    You start with a few formulas, and then you tweak – insert a power word here, take advantage of expanded headlines there. Whatever it’s gonna take to hit chart-topping CTRs. Results all come down to your ad text at that point. That simple string of characters acts as a catalyst, leaping off the page and into a viewer’s brain to motivate, inspire, scare, or forcibly push them t ...

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  • 7 Power Words & Phrases to Test in Your Facebook Ads

    Sex. It always works to get attention. Power words are so named because they leap off the page (or screen). They arrest attention. Which is exactly what you need when your ads are competing with people’s families and friends for attention on Facebook. Here are seven attention-grabbing power phrases to test in your Facebook ads (along with specific examples from Jon Morrow). 1.

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  • 5 Subject Line Mistakes That Tank Your Open Rates

    Email is a conversion-driving goldmine. Which means we marketer’s feel the insatiable need to strangle our own Golden Goose by pushing the volume of email sent well into the trillions. It might still outperform younger, sexier options like Facebook and Twitter (to the tune of 40X). But those days are numbered if we keep receiving hundreds of emails daily (most of which is unsolicited graymail).

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  • 5 Sneaky Reasons Your CTA Button Text Scares People Away

    You’ve done all the hard work: You pay for traffic. Create compelling headlines to lure people in. Design beautiful landing pages to wring out every last conversion. And yet at the moment of truth, when it’s time to click or buy or join or submit…they bounce. Your call-to-action button copy should be reinforcing whatever it is someone is about to receive. It should be an afterthought, ideally.

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