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  • Twitter Launches Stickers, Hashtag-Triggered Emoji for Lunar New Year

    Twitter released new stickers and a hashtag-triggered emoji to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With this update, users can share the Year of the Rooster emoji by tweeting one of the supported hashtags associated with the occasion. From now until Feb. 12, when users tweet hashtags such as #HappyLunarNewYear and #ChineseNewYear, the Rooster emoji will automatically appear after the hashtag.

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  • Pokemon Duel Strategy Game Launches on Mobile

    The Pokemon Company International launched Pokemon Duel on iOS and Android. The strategy game allows users to compete in Pokemon Figure Game matches with other players. In each match, players are challenged to move one of their figures to the goal on the opponent’s side of the board. Users can take six Pokemon figures into each match, and they can collect additional figures outside of matches.

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  • Chillingo Launches WarFriends on iOS, Android

    Chillingo announced the launch of WarFriends on mobile. Developed by About Fun, the multiplayer shooter allows users to compete against other players in one-on-one matches or play cooperatively with others in a WarPath mode. In each battle, players can swipe to move their main character between cover spots, and they can tap or tap and hold to fire their weapons at enemies.

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  • Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem Heroes for Mobile

    Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS and Android. The strategy role-playing game will challenge players to save the Kingdom of Askr from the Emblian Empire by summoning heroes for their teams from different Fire Emblem worlds. In Fire Emblem Heroes, players will compete in turn-based battles, and they’ll be able to attack enemies by swiping allies over enemy characters.

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  • Flurry: Mobile App Usage Increased 11% in 2016

    Flurry Analytics released a new report, which analyzed the time users spent in mobile applications in 2016. The data showed that overall app usage in 2016 grew by 11 percent when compared to 2015, and that time spent in apps grew by 69 percent. Messaging and social apps saw year-over-year session growth of 44 percent, while personalization apps experienced a 46 percent dec ...

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  • Netmarble Launches Star Wars: Force Arena on iOS, Android

    Netmarble launched Star Wars: Force Arena on iOS and Android. The multiplayer online battle arena game allows users to collect more than 80 characters from the Star Wars universe and take them into battles against other players. Specifically, the game allows users to compete against other real players in one-on-one and two-on-two battles.

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  • King Launches Bubble Witch 3 Saga on Mobile, Facebook

    King announced the release of Bubble Witch 3 Saga, the third installment in the Bubble Witch Saga franchise. The bubble shooter challenges players to help Stella the Witch break a curse that has been placed on Wilbur, a cat with the power of dark magic. In each level of Bubble Witch 3 Saga, players are challenged to complete an objective before running out of shots.

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  • Covet Fashion Adds Diverse New Models to Outfit Creation Platform

    Crowdstar released an update for its mobile fashion game, Covet Fashion. The update adds 50 new models to the game, which were designed to “embrace all forms of beauty.” In Covet Fashion, users can create outfits for virtual models by selecting clothing and accessory items from more than 175 real-world brands.

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  • NBC News Digital Launches Updated Today App on iOS

    NBC News Digital launched an updated version of the Today application on iOS. Created by the product team at Today, along with Huge, the updated app allows users to browse “moments” from each day’s news and installment of Today in a feature called The Digest. The Digest contains a curated list of “moments” from each day’s news stories, as well as moments from the Today show itself.

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  • Apple: Jan. 1, 2017, Was iTunes App Store’s Biggest Day Ever

    Apple announced that Jan. 1, 2017, was the iTunes App Store’s best single day ever, reaching nearly $240 million in consumer purchases. Looking back at 2016, Apple also revealed that consumer purchases from the App Store exceeded $3 billion in December. In terms of specific applications, Apple said Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was the most downloaded app globally on both Chr ...

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  • Capcom Launches Mega Man 1-6 on Mobile

    Capcom launched the six original eight-bit Mega Man games on iOS and Android. In each game, players will need to help Mega Man defeat enemies in order to save the day. With these releases, Capcom said it optimized each title’s gameplay and difficulty for smartphones “so that certain elements will differ from the original game[s].” For instance, each game includes two difficulty options.

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  • Christmas Weekend Saw Worldwide In-App Revenue of $500 Million (Report)

    Worldwide in-app revenue for the Christmas holiday in 2016 was up “significantly” year-over-year, according to new data from application store optimization company Sensor Tower. Specifically, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence found that user spending in apps over the Christmas holiday in 2016 (Dec.

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  • SimCity BuildIt Updated With Mayor’s Club Social Feature

    EA Mobile released a new social feature in SimCity BuildIt on mobile. The feature is called the Mayor’s Club, and it allows players to join clubs with other users. With this update, players who have reached at least level 18 can access the new Mayor’s Club House near the Cargo Ship Dock in their towns.

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  • Niantic Launches New Holiday Event in Pokemon Go

    Niantic launched a new event in Pokemon Go as part of the game’s ongoing holiday celebration. From the afternoon of Dec. 30 through the afternoon of Jan. 8, players will be more likely to encounter the game’s first three partner Pokemon—Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander—as well as their evolutions, while playing the game.

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  • Klei Entertainment Launches Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked on iOS

    Klei Entertainment announced the release of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked on iOS. Created in collaboration with Capy, the game is an expansion of the original Don’t Starve, and it challenges users to help Wilson survive on a tropical archipelago. In Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, players will be able to explore new biomes ...

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  • Flurry: iOS Devices Led Activations Over Christmas Holiday

    Flurry Analytics released data analyzing device and application activation throughout the week leading up to Christmas and the start of Hanukkah. The data showed that for every Samsung device activated from Dec. 19 through 25, two Apple devices were activated. Specifically, during this time frame, 44 percent of new phone activations were for Apple products, compared with 21 ...

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