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  • 5 Brands and Publishers Killing It with Instagram Video in 2017

    Instagram may have started out as a photo-sharing platform, but it’s now known as one of the top destinations for short-form video content. Some publishers in particular have mastered the art of Instagram video, and consequently built an avid following, millions to billions of views, and quality engagement rates.

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  • Here’s Why National Geographic Rules Social Video

    National Geographic has existed for over 120 years, initially starting as a society of individuals interested in science, exploration, and adventure. The brand then developed into a media powerhouse, with the first edition of its magazine launching in 1888. Over the years, National Geographic (or NatGeo as it’s shortened to nowadays) has become synonymous with powerful storyt ...

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  • Facebook Users Find Video 5x More Engaging Than Images

    Over the last few years, Facebook has quickly risen to become a powerhouse video destination, with its top ten publishers routinely pulling in billions of total views each month. But just exactly why is that the case? Scientifically, is there a reason Facebook users, and even Instagram users, are attracted to video content when they’re on the site? Facebook says yes, at leas ...

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  • A Day in the Life Of: Head of Brand Partnerships at ATTN:

    In the world of video marketing, statistics and data are consistently touted as the most important metrics to consider when determining the success of a branded content campaign. But sometimes it’s important to pause for a moment and remember that stats aren’t everything, even in this technology-driven world.

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  • 8 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live Video

    Brands and video marketers who want to step up their live content game don’t need to look any farther than Facebook Live. The broadcasting platform, which was officially introduced in April 2016 to all Facebook users, has become a favorite destination for the site’s users when they’re looking for live content to entertain and inform them.

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  • A Day in the Life Of: An Intern at YouTube Channel Funhaus

    It’s typical to find online video executives and marketers frequently talking about such topics as brand deals, video strategy, and the best way to stay on top of the market without ostracizing audiences and losing a profit. At a business level, these conversations are important for driving and shaping the future of the industry.

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  • How to Magically Transform Your Boring Blog Using These 3 Types of Videos

    There it is again. The nagging thought that surfaces from time to time: I really ought to use video on my blog. And usually, you try to ignore it. Because making video is totally different to writing, right? And surely you can’t be expected to master everything? But no matter where you look, you find another subtle reminder of the power of video to cast a spell over an audience.

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