brendan lobo

  • The key to strategic content

    Do you deliver the right content at the right time to help consumers through the sales funnel? Content marketing presents a great opportunity for businesses. But if content marketing is going to work properly, you really need to understand how your audience makes purchasing decisions and engages with your brand. We all know content is powerful, but strategic content is far more effective.

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  • Is your brand identifiable by its values?

    We all know the values of a company often define what an organisation stands for, and are usually at the core of its culture. When we speak about values though, frequently we associate it with human resources and the people we want to hire. This is great, but do you take the extra steps required to ensure your brand is identifiable by its values? This can give you a big advanta ...

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  • 4 ways 1 meeting can ensure your content’s success

    Let’s face it, we are all time-poor these days and, yes, we all hate having meetings for the sake of it. But believe me when I say you do not want to skip your editorial meeting when you are running a Brand Newsroom. The editorial meeting is really what holds your content marketing efforts together.

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  • Choose your culture, choose your consequences

    There’s an old warning that people will judge you by the company you keep. It appears everywhere from the Bible to Aesop’s Fables, and in a modern context it applies every bit as much to business relationships as it does to relationships between people (and donkeys, apparently, according to Aesop).

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