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  • 4 Ways Freelance Bloggers Can Avoid Clients From Hell

    Have you ever checked out the website Clients From Hell? If not, please do it now. I’ll wait. And you can thank me later. … If you’re a freelance blogger or you offer some other freelance service online, you probably already have a few of your own stories about clients from hell, don’t you? I’ve been a full-time online freelancer since 2014 — and over the past two years, ...

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  • 4 Key Challenges All Solopreneurs Face And How To Overcome Them

    If there’s one thing we all need to be grateful for, it’s the internet. Let’s go back in time a few decades, shall we? If you wanted to start your own business back in 1985 — the year I was born — there were a lot of risks involved. You had to secure a brick-and-mortar location, acquire inventory, hire staff, and then advertise relentlessly through traditional channels.

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  • How To Avoid Getting Burned When Outsourcing To Freelancers

    Let’s face it… We all want to grow and scale our online businesses, right? If your goal is to build your blog, monetize it, and live a lifestyle of complete freedom — one that doesn’t require you to be glued to your laptop 24 hours a day — you will, at some point, have to outsource a portion of your work. But there are a number of risks and pitfalls to consider.

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