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  • The Quick Guide to Social Media Attribution Models

    Since the inception of social marketing, social marketers have struggled to measure and prove the true value of social. Only 13% of CMOs say they can effectively quantify the value of social, a sentiment manifested a million different ways, but primarily in questions like: “What is the ROI of social?” “How much value does social actually drive for our brand?” “What wa ...

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  • How to Identify the Right Social Influencers

    Identifying key social influencers is an important aspect of any social marketing strategy. They can greatly expand your reach, and they’re not called influencers for nothing — they influence their following! The hard part is identifying the right influencers. Just because someone has many followers, doesn’t mean they’re a great influencer for your brand. From one icon to another.

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  • Traditional advertising is dying (and that’s just fine)

    Brewster Stanislaw is the CEO of social media consultancy Inside Social. Advertising is more alive today than it’s ever been. But traditional advertising is dying a slow, painful and very public death. And the reason is simple: Consumers want, and expect, to be heard. Unfortunately, traditional advertising doesn’t permit a two-way relationship, because it’s based on the prem ...

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