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  • Best of the week: Programmatic’s alt-right problem and Facebook’s double edged sword

    This was a short week, so here’s a little something to chew on as the salt, protein and tryptophan haze begins to lift. Ad tech’s Breitbart dilemma Brands and the agencies that work for them are caught in a tough place when it comes to ads on so-called alt-right websites like Breitbart, which have regularly published articles that stoke nationalist, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments.

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  • Facebook’s post election blues

    As the dust settles on this election, platforms and brands alike are facing a lot of tougher-than-usual questions. From a fake-news furor to metrics blunders, Facebook alone had a busy week of putting out fires: Wednesday morning, Facebook announced it had miscalculated several advertising metrics.

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  • Nate Silver’s Election Day blues, and other top stories from the week

    Well, that happened. The week that’s ending took some turns that a lot of people didn’t see coming, whatever their political persuasion. As the dust settles, we look back over some of the best stories of the week. And don’t worry, only one is even remotely about the election. Nate Silver’s blues On Tuesday night, newsrooms around the world got a pretty rude reminder that good ...

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  • Best of the week: Publishers warm up to AMP, marketers cool on influencers

    As a nation fell in — and out — of love with a certain Kenneth Bone this week, it was business as usual at Digiday. Highlights of the week included a piece on publishers warming to Google’s fast-loading mobile pages program, AMP, why there may be a looming influencer bubble, how all of us can learn from McDonald’s YouTube faceplant and why you should stop treating online video ...

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  • Best of the week: BuzzFeed’s e-commerce dreams, publisher bot nightmares

    Summer is behind us, school is in session and already the Halloween decorations are going up. Does pumpkin have a brand problem? Maybe we’ll address that later this month. For now, it was a strong week of stories at Digiday. Here’s a digest of some of our stronger offerings this week. And remember, if you didn’t catch them earlier, they’re still new to you.

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  • Best of the week: I want my Snapchat TV

    Today’s word of the week is transparency, which comes in all kinds of different flavors. Bleacher Report has a show on Snapchat — but you can’t watch it in the States. Verizon is gobbling up content companies — but can’t guarantee itself an audience. There’s nothing technically illegal about rebates — but clients end up holding the bag for four or five times what they should.

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  • How Facebook is wresting control from publishers and agencies alike

    The growth of programmatic advertising was supposed to mean the death of the ad network. Facebook is proving that wrong, writes Yuyu Chen this week. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s still news to you. Here’s a roundup of a few of our best stories for the week ending Sept. 16: About Facebook The social network is building an ad network that is a $1 billion business with 3 mill ...

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  • Best of the week: The Olympics show how media’s changed

    The Olympics have come and gone. How many medals did you take home? If there was a meme Olympics, this might get the gold medal: The best part of Simone Biles’ routine. — Cycle (@bycycle) August 11, 2016 This Simone Biles clip, called “Simone in Space,” got over 45 million views total and 577,114 likes on Facebook.

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  • Best of the week: The end of an era for digital media

    Between massive shakeups at The Huffington Post and Gawker Media, this week marked the end of an era for digital publishing. For starters, late last week The Huffington Post announced that its namesake co-founder Arianna Huffington would be leaving the company to focus on a new company she’s starting.

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  • Opinion: Ad agencies face a talent crisis worse than they realize

    Allison Kent-Smith is the founder of the digital technology and education company smith & beta Talent. It’s really all you have at your agency. The collective talent that walks in the doors each day — their skills, behaviors, and habits — equal your agency’s capabilities. Without great talent, agencies are just offices with nice furniture.

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  • Best of the Week: Agencies face new competition from publishers and consultants

    The weekend is here. Time to put on your cargo shorts and read up on the best stories Digiday had on offer this week. Agencies have ageism issues and face new competition Ad agencies are known to face diversity woes, as evidenced by Publicis Groupe exec Kevin Roberts recent inane comments on women. But there’s also the issue of agencies being biased against older employees.

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  • Best of the week: Tweet less; VR more

    The conventions have wrapped and there are plenty of outlets to turn to for astute political analysis. But we here at Digiday are looking at how the media — and the candidates themselves — get their stories out there. This was a big two weeks for streaming live video, for example. Sahil “Sizzle Reel” Patel broke down how five major publishers — from CNN to Univision — flexed th ...

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  • Best of the Week: Snapchat goes to Hollywood, Brits throw a party and we get Trump’ed

    If you’re reading this, we can only hope you’re sitting poolside, feet up, shades on. The week is behind you and you’ve earned a little sand between your toes. Here are a few of the best stories from the week that was here at Digiday. If you missed them the first time around, they’re still news to you. Drag queens, parrots and hog roasts This is what summer agency outings look like in the U.K.

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  • The best of the week: Drinking rum, watching TV and getting on Line

    It is the very thick of summer, which is perhaps why one of our best performing stories of the week was about…booze. In case you missed it, here’s what went down in Digiday this week: Senior piña colada correspondent Tanya Dua provided a nice inside look this week at why Malibu rum is spending 75 percent of its marketing budget on digital.

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  • The best of the week: Google is watching, Kim K is naked and Digiday is growing

    It was a holiday week. It was a rough week. Here, if you missed it, is a rundown of some of the better stories we published from our corner of the internet. Treat this weekly roundup as a vacation for your mind. This week we learn how Google is upping its ad targeting game; how GQ nabbed its two biggest days of traffic ever; how College Humor’s head of video got his big break — ...

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