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  • Inside Lydia Polgreen’s mission to make HuffPo a must-read

    This story first appeared in the spring issue of Digiday magazine, available exclusively to Digiday Pulse members. Join the community to receive the full magazine (and more) here. A riddle for 2017: What is The Huffington Post without the Huffington? As the newly appointed editor-in-chief of the digital media company, Lydia Polgreen’s mandate is to figure that out.

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  • Best of the week: Publishers begin cracking alternative revenue models

    With display cratering and the quest for scale falling out of fashion, publishers have been doubling down on what makes their media brands unique. In order to attract — and attain — a loyal audience it pays to be different. Literally. The prevailing theme in the best Digiday stories of this week is that publishers are working hard at cracking new business models.

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  • Best of the week: SXSW in the rearview mirror

    Another year, another South by Southwest has come and gone. Thanks to the East Coast storm, our correspondents spent more time tweeting angrily at their airlines than they did on the ground in Austin. But we were able to get some interesting insights out of them nonetheless. Brands pulled back on SXSW Yuyu Chen had a nice differentiated piece which pointed out that, big as it ...

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  • Best of the week: Everyone wants to be an agency

    If any themes emerged out of our better stories of the past week is was this: “Anything you can do, I can do better.” Agencies are being nipped at by aggressive, resource-rich consulting firms on one side. And on the other, publishers desperate for more revenue streams have gone the content creation route.

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  • ‘Fear and loathing in Lisboa’: What’s on the minds of European publishers

    We gathered nearly 200 publishers from across Europe just outside Lisbon for the Digiday Publishing Summit and asked them to — quite literally — map out their minds. From programmatic to video to ad blocking, here’s a peek inside the minds of a few leaders in the field. Direct relationships with readers “We need to show the value of premium content,” said Martin Ashplant, dig ...

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  • Best of the week: Publishers tell people to pay up

    Publishing is in the throes of a backlash, a rejection of the scale model that’s premised on amassing giant audience numbers and then making money off ads. That model has proved to be wanting in a time of spiraling prices for standardized ads — and when so many publishers can boast giant audiences. The theme, already becoming familiar, cropped up in several new ways this week.

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  • Power chords and product reviews: A day in the life of Fender’s head of digital

    Kaplan: Fender mender As far as guitar brands go, few are as iconic as Fender. The name alone conjures bellbottomed images of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, George Harrison and Buddy Holly. This rich legacy (comprising mostly old — or dead — dudes) is also part of the brand’s problem: Nine out of 10 beginners who pick up an axe today will abandon the instrument within three months, ...

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  • Best of the week: Fighting fake news in France

    There is no shortage of media woe out there. Brands want to bring programmatic in house, but find there are significant challenges to achieving efficiencies. French newspaper Le Monde wants to combat the scourge of fake news — like so many newspapers do — so it built a searchable database of 600 disreputable sites. It is finding, however, that what constitutes “fake” news isn’t so cut and dry.

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  • Best of the week: The ad-driven media model is thriving — and so is the shadow CES

    You made it. New year, same old you. If one of your resolutions was to read more Digiday, we’ve got your back. Here are the best stories from the first week of 2017. There’s some looking forward, some looking back and the view from Vegas, right now. Reports of advertising’s death have been greatly exaggerated Annoying ads, the rise of fake news, write-offs and layoffs have dr ...

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  • Best of the week: Elite Daily shrinks as HuffPo looks to grow

    The end of the year is so close you can just about taste it. Although there is no shortage of real (horrifyingly real) news out there, already publishers are running their year-end lists. Digiday is not exempt. But if you want a more recent retrospective, here are the best stories of the week just ending.

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  • Best of the week: Twitter’s woes and Snapchat Live Stories doubts

    To get you ready for the weekend, we’ve rounded up some of our best stories this week. The theme here is platforms — who’s up, who’s down and who’s innovating. Twitter is striking out with publishers while Snapchat has become useful for brands. Facebook, for its part, is making a play for TV dollars. We also have a fun Q&A with a marijuana marketer.

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