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  • How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Perfectly Positioned Content

    “Hello, I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.” You remember Apple’s “Get a Mac” series of commercials that ran from May 2006 to October 2009? The commercials were short vignettes featuring John Hodgman as the sweet-yet-bumbling PC and Justin Long as the creative, hip Mac. Those 66 short spots were named the best advertising campaign of the previous decade by Adweek.

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  • Get Back to Basics to Crush It in 2017

    One week from today, Copyblogger turns 11 years old. In some ways, it feels like only yesterday that I came up with the concept for this blog in December of 2005 and launched it the next month. Except that I was 38 at the time, and now … I’m not (ahem). There was plenty of emerging talk about commercial blogging going on back then, and Copyblogger was specifically designed ...

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  • Blogging is Back, with Darren Rowse

    In the beginning, there was blogging. And for businesses looking to build an audience that helped grow the bottom line, it was good. In fact, many of the leaders in the digital marketing space started as blogs and evolved into multi-million dollar businesses. I personally have immense gratitude for what Rainmaker Digital has been able to achieve, and it all traces back to th ...

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  • Educate to Dominate Your Competition

    First off, check out this quotation: “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” – Leonardo da Vinci Now, let me ask you this … How do you spark the buying process without a lot of high-pressure, high-hype selling? You do it by getting the reader, listener, or viewer to imagine buying from you, even before you’ve presented the full offer.

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  • Creating Online Courses to Level Up from Freelance, with Carrie Dils

    Many freelancers dream of the day that they’ll have sources of income other than from client work. Some hope to stop taking clients for good in favor of selling online training instead. Carrie Dils did just that. A long time web developer, Carrie adopted the WordPress platform to do client work as a freelancer. But it was when she started training people over at Lynda.

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  • Content Curation in an Age of Fake News, with Dave Pell

    It’s been almost two years since I started Further, my curated email newsletter about personal growth. And there’s no mistaking that the project was inspired by Dave Pell’s NextDraft. Content curation is all about becoming a trusted editorial source that finds the best information within a certain topic from amongst the valueless clickbait and mediocre dross that overruns the web.

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  • Tim Ferriss on Finding and Focusing On What Truly Matters

    Tim Ferris broke into popular consciousness nine years ago with the release of The 4-Hour Workweek. He’s gone on to create a series of books based on the “4-Hour” concept. That’s in addition to a wildly popular blog, podcast, and even a TV show. But in economic terms, all of that pales in comparison to Tim’s success as an angel investor; he’s sco ...

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  • Gary Vaynerchuk on Playing the Long Game

    Back in 2006, Gary Vaynerchuk started a daily video show that turned wine criticism on its head. More importantly, it took his family wine business from $3 million-a-year to a $60 million-a-year ecommerce juggernaut. From there, Gary did something that surprised a lot of people, including me. He started a digital marketing agency called VaynerMedia.

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  • Steal Like an Entrepreneur, with Austin Kleon

    The other day I was listening to the “classic alternative” channel on SiriusXM. “Message of Love” by the Pretenders was on. In the song, Chrissie Hynde sings: “We are all of us in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars.” Wait a minute … didn’t Oscar Wilde say that in the late 1800s? Or how about when the late, great Kurt Cobain sang: “Just because you’re ...

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  • It’s Your Duty to Design the Life You Want, with David Kadavy

    Many people go out on their own in pursuit of the perfect lifestyle. Of course, “perfect” is entirely subjective. Maybe it’s to become a digital nomad and travel the world. For others, it’s the freedom to work from home and be closer to family. And still others are chasing audacious goals and world domination.

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  • Host Your First Virtual Conference, with Bailey Richert

    Virtual conferences have been around for years. They provide the education of a live event, without the expense of travel, hotel, and other “real world” costs that live events bring. That’s the benefit to attendees. Entrepreneurs can use virtual conferences as a way to build or expand an audience, while also developing a membership product. And they can be an amazing springboard.

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  • Understanding the Brain Science Behind Effective Persuasion, with Roger Dooley

    The ancient Greeks — notably Aristotle — used anecdotal observation to nail much of what we know about persuasion. The fundamentals of the art haven’t changed much in 2,300 years, because human nature hasn’t changed, even as the context in which we operate has changed dramatically. In the 20th century, social psychology took the ancient principles of rhetoric and proved them ...

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  • How to Motivate People to Buy

    If you’re in business, someone’s got to buy something for you to make money. At least last time I checked. And if you’re sick of hearing that people buy because of emotion, well then … that would be a strong emotional response to a logical assertion, no? But I hear you. Over and over you’re told that people buy according to emotion, and it seems not to make sense when it ...

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  • Create Your First WordPress Product, with Chris Lema

    In just over a decade, WordPress has become the most popular content management system on the web. And as with any hugely popular open source movement, there are plenty of for-profit companies providing premium themes, plugins, hosting, and support. Is it too late for you to get involved? Evidence suggests the contrary — that WordPress is just getting started.

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  • Get More Clients With Smarter Email Marketing

    Are you a freelancer, consultant, or other provider of professional services to clients? If so, smarter email marketing strategies will get you more clients, and more importantly, better clients. You know, the ones who value your expertise and effort and happily pay your fees. Before I began Copyblogger in 2006, I started and ran three successful service businesses.

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  • SEO that Grows Your Business with John Jantsch

    Of all the components of a holistic online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (“SEO”) seems to mystify many the most. And it’s true that years back, the key to ranking well in Google was a form of dark art. That’s changed in recent years. Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter, and is more distinctly tuned in to what the audience thinks is relevant and valuable fo ...

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  • 2 Essential Elements of Irresistible Content

    I once asked on social media: What’s your biggest challenge when creating compelling content? I didn’t treat it as a poll with various challenges. I wanted pure, unfiltered responses. And the number one answer was: Keeping it original and interesting. So, let’s talk about that today. Meaning + fascination The two elements that lead to reader engagement, social media ...

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