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  • Tony Roma’s: Vocus Increased Brand Awareness for Our 160 Restaurants

    “Our first restaurant opened in North Miami in 1972, and since then we have grown to over 160 locations in 34 countries,” says Tony Roma’s Media and Communications Manager Jay Winborne. “Despite our growth, we struggled with brand awareness,” he says. “We needed a PR solution that helped us showcase our strengths to customers, build brand awareness and show how our actions make a difference.

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  • It’s Time to Forget Business as Usual

    PR professionals and communicators often see the latest piece of technology – whether a social network, device or something else – as a cure-all. But technology doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and watch as you rack up results. You have to analyze its potential, implement it properly and find new ways of measuring success.

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  • #FutureofPR: Vocus and Cision Become One

    This is a guest post by Jessica Bates, who attended #FutureofPR, Vocus and Cision’s coming out event. On a humid October night in Washington, DC, an excited group of PR professionals and social media influencers gathered for an announcement from Vocus and Cision. We spotted Tinu Abayomi-Paul chatting with Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and Shashi Bellamkonda.

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  • Using Real-Time Tactics to Get the Most of Your PR

    This is a guest post by Alissa Blate. Her webinar “Make the Most of Your PR With Real-Time Tactics” will take place on Oct. 22. Quality tools, a team of creative and quick thinkers and one cohesive mindset. Each is essential to successful real-time marketing and PR, where organizations leverage opportunities for their clients by capitalizing on social media trends, pop cu ...

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  • Does Technology Make Us Tin Men?

    Too often brands forget that their messaging has a real, human audience. They create and disseminate content without considering how it will further relationships. Perhaps, it’s because so much of modern communication occurs while sitting in front of a computer. They don’t see faces, pain points, needs and wants.

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  • Make Pitches Irresistible Using These Insider Secrets

    To pitch well, you have to understand the pressures of reporters and how they see you, says former CBS News executive Batt Humphreys. One way to get that perspective is to shadow a reporter or producer. But who has the time and access to do that? With over 30 years of news industry experience, Batt simulated the shadowing experience at his Vocus webinar.

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  • What If PR Stood for People and Relationships? Insights from Brian Solis!

    Do you think that PR just stands for public relations? It actually stands for a whole lot more. In his newly released e-book “What If PR Stood for People and Relationships?,” award-winning author Brian Solis discusses how to build relationships in the digital era. According to Brian, relationship building in today’s world of smartphones, social media and big data requires ...

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  • 18 Measurement Insights from PR’s Top Minds

    Anyone who has worked in PR for more than a week knows the importance of goal setting, qualitative and quantitative metrics and predictive analytics. Despite understanding measurement’s importance and myriad benefits, many PR pros don’t do it because gathering and interpreting data can seem overwhelming.

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  • Infographic: Everything PR Pros Need to Know About Facebook Ads

    This article and infographic are a guest post by Ivan Serrano, a web journalist and infographic specialist in San Francisco. Three years ago, Facebook announced that it had reached its 1 million advertisers landmark, each using the website to advertise for the first time ever. The company got its name, and reputation, and quickly revenue soared.

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  • 6 Ways to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch

    There are tips for pitching journalists, tips for pitching bloggers and pitching tips in the age of social media. All those tips won’t do you any good, if you can’t find the right reporters for your brand. With so many digital outlets, influential blogs and industry publications, it can be difficult to find the right reporter to pitch.

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  • Vocus’ PR Solution Keeps the New Orleans Tourism Economy Strong

    “New Orleans relies on tourism. It’s one of the largest industries in Louisiana,” says Lea Sinclair. “It provides 78,000 jobs and brings the city billions of dollars.” As director of communications for the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC), Lea should know. She promotes the city’s culture, cuisine and events. The NOTMC is a city agency,” Lea explains.

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  • Think Different: Regulated PR and Mythical Formulas

    If Day 3 of AMEC’s Measurement Week in NYC had a one-word theme, it might be “different.” Laura A. Grover, senior digital strategy director at Quintiles, discussed how regulated industries use social media, while providing universal social best practices. After that, K.C. Brown, general manager of Cision Global Analysts, discussed why measuring PR doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all formula.

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  • Shankman on Customer Loyalty, Poulton Predicts the Future

    Day 2 of AMEC’s Measurement Week NYC started off with Help a Reporter Out (HARO) founder Peter Shankman showing how measurement plays a role in everyday events and closed with Western Governors University (WGU) data scientist Matt Poulton discussing predictive analytics. Let’s take a look at some highlights from those two presentations.

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  • Social PR’s Value and Snackable Measurement Insights!

    AMEC Measurement Week in NYC kicked off on September 15 with a great presentation by Mark Schaefer and an informative panel moderated by Peter Himler and featuring Shonali Burke, Chris Penn, Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer and Heidi Sullivan. While nothing beats seeing the action first-hand, here are some of the key takeaways from each of the speakers at the event.

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  • 5 Ways to Overcome Roadblocks to Measuring Social Media

    This is a guest post by the founder of Zoetica Media Kami Huyse. Her “Master PR Measurement” webinar takes place on September 17. Talking about social media measurement with a variety of organizations has given me the opportunity to hear all kinds of reasons why people don’t measure their communication and social media programs.

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  • What’s New With the Vocus PR Suite? Fall ’14 Updates!

    This post was written by Vocus Senior Product Marketing Manager Brendon O’Donovan. Today, we launched several new customer-focused features and services in the Vocus PR Suite as part of our fall 2014 update. These new offerings span media monitoring, reporting, professional services and PRWeb.

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