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  • Setting Up A New Blog – How-to / Case Study Series

    This post launches a new series here on Hot Blog Tips that will help you set-up, launch, and promote your brand new blog. From concept to scale, we’ll follow what will surely be one of the most successful blogs the survival niche has seen. The questions this series will answer Setting-up a new blog is pretty simple these days, with the one-click installs and such.

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  • 5 Ways Evernote Can Make You Look Smart In An Interview

    Evernote is an app many of us use more than any other, including Facebook. You can use Evernote for many different things but in this post, I’m going to show you how Evernote makes me look smart in an interview. Whether you’re interviewing someone or the one interviewed, being unprepared can be disastrous.

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  • Failure And Painful Problems – It’s Time To Act

    Failure doesn’t suck. No one wants to see others suffer, and we certainly don’t want to experience it, but that’s how we grow and learn. How many times have you heard, “Find the pain points” when it comes to successful business? Ad nauseam, right? In this post, I’ll give one quick and personal story of failing to benefit from failure.

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  • Creating Original Content Struggles? Read This.

    Creating original content can be a challenge at times. No worries, this post offers several “very doable” content creation tips to help you create content that stands out because it’s something new. For me, this can often be the toughest part of blogging. Sure, I can come up with a ton of common blog topics to post on any given day. I don’t want to be common.

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  • Story It With SnapChat – Why You Should Be Snapping

    In this post, I’m going to show you why online businesses should be on Snapchat. Why YOU should be on Snapchat. I’ll offer some storytelling tips to use on Snapchat. I also embedded a couple of “Snapchat Stories” as examples of creative storytelling. Then I show you several people, you already know and follow that are working their Snapchat magic every single day.

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  • How To Focus On Content Creation

    Every blogger knows the importance of creating quality content. You might be surprised at how many bloggers struggle with staying focused on content creation. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips on staying focused to help increase productivity. This is an in-depth article so, by all means, pick and choose to your heart’s content.

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