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  • 3 Tried-and-True Tactics for Brands Competing in LinkedIn’s Newsfeed

    LinkedIn can be a powerful social channel for distributing branded content and reaching highly targeted business professionals. Consider these three creative tactics as you plan your brand’s LinkedIn marketing strategy. Share Visually Compelling Content to Attract Attention Visual content is statistically more effective at generating more audience engagement than other content forms.

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  • How to Build a Periscope Audience for Your Business

    Are you marketing on Periscope? Want to reach more people? You can develop a following on Periscope by promoting your broadcasts, engaging with viewers and repurposing your content on other channels. In this article you’ll discover how to build a Periscope audience for your business. #1: Cross-Promote Broadcasts While content is ultimately king, think about how you can att ...

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  • How to Create Content Suited for Google+

    Some businesses and marketing teams unfairly treat Google+ like a social media content dump; nothing more than a bulletin board to publish content that was originally meant for other social networks in an attempt to increase their SEO efforts. It’s all too common for marketers to only focus on publishing content that has been repurposed from other networks or blogs and fail to ...

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  • 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Advertising Partner

    One of the most important decisions your business will make is which social advertising partner to work with when it comes to effectively running—and scaling—your social ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. A successful partner helps you: Stay updated on best advertising practices for each platform Ensure each campaign is optimized to drive the best results from your spend ...

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  • Driving Quality Leads: Better Than Going Viral

    Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Owned Media, Shared Media Too often, marketers get caught up in buzzwords and one-off trends instead of really focusing on how their efforts are driving long-term results. If a marketer is focused on creating content for the sole purpose of going viral or generating the most likes, they need to realign their priorities to focus on lead generation.

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  • 3 Lessons in Content Marketing From the Past

    Content marketing seems to be all anybody in the marketing world talks about these days. Although it seemingly took the industry by storm overnight, content marketing has actually been around for a very long time. This is partially because content marketing is pretty loosely defined. To paraphrase the Content Marketing Institute’s definition, content marketing is essentially ...

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  • How to Measure the Value of Native Advertising

    Native Advertising, Paid Media There’s undoubtedly widespread interest in native advertising among publishers and brands as a new way of reaching audiences with engaging content that brings more value to a reader than traditional ads. According to Shareaholic, 70 percent of people want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising—a st ...

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  • 8 Ways to Delight and Reward Your Email Subscribers

    Content Marketing, Owned Media A lot of work goes into getting subscribers so it may be tempting to pat yourself on the back and take a break once you actually bring subscribers in. But the honest truth is that getting customers to opt-in to your emails is only the first step and preventing them from unsubscribing is even more difficult.

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  • How To Create An Expert Roundup Blog Post

    Content Curation, Content Marketing, Earned Media, Influencer Outreach, Owned Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion When it comes to blogging for your business, the primary goals are to drive more visibility and traffic to your website, build inbound links, and spur social engagement. This is easier said than done, since it’s usually an uphill battle for businesses to get t ...

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  • Four Alternatives to Like-Gating on Facebook

    What tactics are you using to grow your Facebook Page? Is like-gating a key part of your Facebook marketing? Facebook announced they’ll ban like-gating in November. An end to like-gating doesn’t have to be the end of the world–or your Facebook marketing. In this article I’ll share four tactics marketers can use in place of like-gating to sustain audience growth and engagement on Facebook.

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  • 4 Video Metrics To Make You a Better Marketer

    Content Marketing, Earned Media, Other Networks, Owned Media, Shared Media Too often, marketers and business owners rely on blogs as their sole means of content creation. In actuality, it’s important to create and distribute several forms of content to engage your audience at each stage of the marketing funnel.

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  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Lead Generation Form Backed by Examples

    The forms on your website could make or break the conversion funnel you’re trying to setup for your business. A lead generation form is the place on your website that is the last stop before a visitor converts into a prospect for your business. This form could help a visitor become a subscriber to your email list, grant access to premium content like a white paper, help a pros ...

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  • Key Considerations for Media Managers Scaling Their Mobile App Ads

    The media manager’s role is in a state of flux due to the growing prevalence of mobile, video and social advertising as a part of day-to-day responsibilities. Today, a vast majority of Millennial consumers receive news, content and advertising from their mobile devices as they view videos, browse Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and check their other apps.

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  • Increase Your Reach With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates In 5 Easy Steps

    LinkedIn has quickly grown into a content publishing powerhouse, sending four times more people to other websites than both Twitter and Facebook. Between company pages, showcase pages, groups and individual profiles, conversations are happening at scale on LinkedIn. This extensive traffic often makes it more difficult to get your content seen on LinkedIn by your existing audi ...

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