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  • WordPress or Squarespace: Which CMS is Better for SEO?

    Just how much does your web platform affect your SEO success? WordPress devotees have long claimed that one of the best reasons to select WordPress is the myriad of SEO plugins available for the content management system. The popular Yoast SEO plugin, for example, offers advanced onsite optimization, including page content, image titles, XML sitemaps and meta descriptions.

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  • Why Choosing a Fast and Reliable Webhost Matters

    Google is constantly rolling out updates to its search algorithm to improve the quality of the sites that appear within search engine results pages (SERPs). These changes often spark turmoil within the SEO community, outraging some and prompting others to find new best practices that fit the bill and make the sites that they manage “Google friendly”.

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  • What Is Inventory Management Software? How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

    What Is Inventory Management Software? How Can It Help Your Business Grow? October 31, 2015 By Brian Hughes Leave a Comment If you own a business that must maintain inventory, then you already know what a huge asset it is. Inventory can be the materials for your products, the products that are in the stage of being made, or the completed products.

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  • 3 Red Flags to Watch for When Outsourcing SEO

    For small businesses and entrepreneurs on a tight budget, outsourcing SEO to a freelancer (or freelance team) may seem like an affordable solution for improving search engine rankings without breaking the bank. But the lure of “affordable” SEO can backfire. How can you be sure that you’re hiring a reputable SEO expert and not a fly-by-night group that cares more about cashing ...

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  • Programmatic Advertising – The Way of the Future, Today

    Programmatic Advertising – The Way of the Future, Today January 5, 2015 by Brian Hughes Leave a Comment The world of advertising is one that has always been in a constant state of evolution – and that was before the digital age kicked into full force in the last several years. During much simpler times in decades long past, the key to advertising was essentially to broadcas ...

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