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  • Track Organic Landing Page Traffic on Your AuthorityLabs Dashboard

    Posted January 28, 2015 by Brian LaFrance (@blafrance) Starting today, if you have Now Provided reports set up for domains in your account, you will see a quick view of the number of organic landing pages from Google when visiting your dashboard. We all know that the goal of improved rankings is to drive organic traffic, so monitoring that traffic as easily as possible is key to your success.

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  • Google Doesn’t Think Your Title Tags are Good Enough

    For several years now, Google has been changing some title tags in the SERPs. Some of these changes are to be expected, such as when a title tag is longer than what can be displayed in the results. Other changes are a result of differences in how Google views the page content vs. title tag, links pointing at the page, and the query they are displaying the result for.

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  • Tired of Your Keywords Not Being Provided?

    Posted September 22, 2014 by Brian LaFrance (@blafrance) We have been putting the finishing touches on our initial Google Analytics integration over the past few weeks. Those of you who requested access to our beta testing list should be receiving emails soon letting you know that these new features have been activated on your account.

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  • Track Google Rankings in Cities Worldwide and New Report Scheduling

    We’re excited to announce two new, awesome features that will be very useful for everyone using our rank tracking interface. Worldwide City and Postal Code Rankings for Google Tracking search results at the city level is now mandatory for many industries. We have had the ability to track rankings by city or zipcode for the United States as a feature of our interface for a while.

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