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  • Candid Feedback and the Future of the Freelance Marketplace

    The last time I stayed in an Airbnb, the host made me pick up the apartment keys from a cashier at a convenience store several blocks away. Naturally, when it came time to rate my stay on the site, I docked a few points for the check-in process since the host should know it was pretty inconvenient. (Although I did score some Tastykakes waiting in line.

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  • 4 Ways We Use Content Analytics to Connect Brands With the Right Freelancers

    Every Wednesday, a group of Contently employees grabs lunch from a new restaurant in New York City. These lunches, or “Wildcard Wednesdays” as they’ve been dubbed, take a fair bit of research. We don’t wander around SoHo hoping to stumble upon a great place. Rather, we share Foursquare lists and Yelp pages to examine overall ratings, menus, and customer recommendations before making a decision.

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  • Why Marketers Struggle to Hire the Best Freelance Writers

    “Get us a nurse or a doctor… who can also write.” While working as an account representative at Contently last year, I often heard this type of request from customers interested in our freelance network. Regardless of the industry, be it finance, insurance, technology, etc., many of our clients came in with a desire for that perfect hybrid of writer-professional.

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  • What the Avengers Can Teach Us about Divisible Content

    When you think of crafting a content strategy, you may break out a whiteboard and start brainstorming topics that appeal to your audience. Or you could watch The Avengers. That’s not just an excuse to avoid the daunting task of building a strategy from scratch. In the past decade, films from the Marvel universe have not only raked in over $10 billion worldwide, but have also b ...

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  • The Biggest Mistake Marketers Make When Working With Freelance Writers

    Last year, there was a Contently freelancer on two accounts for B2B software companies that were both fairly new to publishing. One client raved about this contributor. Her pitches contained sharp ideas that were always on brand. “Find us more writers like her,” the company told us. But later that week, something strange happened.

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