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  • Facebook’s got a video-monetization gap

    Facebook has grand ambitions in video. Mark Zuckerberg himself has said the feed will be mostly video in a few years, and Facebook is clearly eyeing TV. But for many video creators, Facebook simply doesn’t measure up when it comes to turning views into dollars. That was a big takeaway from conversations last week at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit in New Orleans.

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  • Coming soon: The Digiday Changemakers 50

    We’re busy putting the finishing touches on the next issue of Digiday magazine, which will you’ll receive in mid-June. Earlier this week, I got a message from a publishing executive asking, “Is Digiday the only trade pub that doesn’t do lists?” It was fortuitous timing since this issue will feature our first-ever list: The Digiday Changemakers, 50 people in media and marketing ...

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  • UK publisher on Facebook: ‘They hire nice people to placate us’

    This week, I’m writing from Berlin, where we are holding our first Digiday Brand Summit Europe starting tomorrow. Here’s some of what I’ve heard over the past week in Ireland, London and Berlin. Facebook skepticism in the U.K. Before coming to Berlin, I stopped in London, where Digiday has an office. There, I met with a publisher who relies on Facebook for a good three-quarters of its business.

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  • Facebook Instant Articles: ‘The effort-to-revenue ratio wasn’t there’

    Welcome to the newly rebranded Digiday+. We’ve changed our identity from Pulse to better reflect the value proposition of our membership program. What’s on offer is Digiday and more — exclusive content, original research and intimate events. Facebook Instant Articles in the spotlight I’m spending this week and next in Europe, starting with our Digiday Programmatic Summit in I ...

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  • The lessons of United’s brand meltdown

    Spring has arrived in New York City. We are plotting our next issue of Digiday magazine, and even contemplating Digiday’s first-ever list. United’s meltdown and media sameness In Digiday’s early days, we focused on white spaces. Ad Age and Adweek were the incumbents, striving for comprehensiveness. So with a tiny staff, we looked for areas we could own.

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  • The Rundown: An optimistic view of media’s future

    I spent last week in Vail, for our Moguls event that gathered together 25 C-level publishing executives, which was followed by the Digiday Publishing Summit, which drew another 200 publishing executives. One thing stood out: The hints of optimism. Justin Smith’s optimistic survival guide Yes, Digiday often forthrightly emphasized the challenges of making it today in digital media.

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  • The Rundown: Publishers push back against platforms and ad tech

    This edition of the Rundown is coming to you from the slopes in Vail, Colorado, where we are having our first-ever Moguls event for publishing CEOs, followed by the Digiday Publishing Summit. OK, I’m not actually skiing, but I can see the mountain from my hotel room, so there’s that. Outrage Theater Last week, I wrote how the ongoing tensions between advertisers, agencies, pu ...

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  • Best of the week: Facebook’s publisher charm offensive

    Our regular ICYMI correspondent, executive editor Brian Braiker, drew the hardship assignment of hosting our Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in the seaside Portuguese town of Estoril. I’m filling in with the week’s best stories — on our newly designed site. Facebook’s publisher charm offensive Facebook is trying to serve many constituencies, including media.

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  • Welcome to the reimagined Digiday

    Welcome to the new Digiday. We think of this as a reimagination of what Digiday is and reflects how the industry and our own brand has changed. This is our first redesign since July 2013, when we adopted Digiday’s current branding. The next step for us is to rethink how we organize our coverage while also bringing to the forefront the many products and services Digiday offers.

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  • The Outline’s Josh Topolsky: There’s too much sameness in digital media

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS While watching the Super Bowl, The Outline founder and CEO Josh Topolsky saw a trailer for the new “Stranger Things.” He knew what would happen next: Dozens of sites would rush up posts as an excuse to embed the trailer and cadge some pageviews. “Everything about digital media is insanely boring,” Topolsky said on this week’s episode of the Digiday Podcast.

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  • Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini: ‘I don’t think you survive on an ad model’

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Barstool Sports, to put it mildly, is not for everyone. Its content veers decidedly in the frat-house direction, features a section called “Girls” devoted to scantily clad women, venerates all things Boston and holds that anything and everything can be a source of amusement. It is also a media brand with something more valuable than ever: loyalty.

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  • Time Inc.’s Jen Wong: We want to be (digital) extroverts

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Time Inc. is the poster child for a legacy publication in the throes of a tumultuous digital transition. And Jen Wong is at the center of it. Wong, a veteran of digital native publisher PopSugar, serves as president of digital and chief operating officer at the home of iconic magazine brands like Time, People and Sports Illustrated.

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  • Bleacher Report CEO: Sites with a casual audience are ‘dead’

    Already, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of devotion. Last year digital properties wowed with big numbers on social platforms, but the name of the game now is loyalty, according to Dave Finocchio, CEO of Bleacher Report, who was the guest of this week’s Digiday Podcast. “Sites that have honest-to-God fans and loyal readers will be fine. Sites that grew up with passers-by readers are dead.

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  • The Information’s Jessica Lessin: Facebook-media relations will worsen

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Facebook might consider changing its relationship status with the media to “It’s complicated.” Media is blaming Facebook for spreading propaganda and hoaxes during the election and beyond. And much of the publishing industry’s attention has been placed on the growing “duopoly” that Facebook and Google hold over the ad market.

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  • ‘Cookie chasers’: Confessions of a digital media veteran

    Today, we spent some time talking to a digital media veteran for their take on the state of the industry. For this executive, with over two decades of experience in digital media, the industry is still in its “awkward years,” with many challenges looming and publishers scrambling to find new ways to make money in an environment where programmatic ad buying has commoditized tra ...

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  • IJR’s Alex Skatell: Media is now about loyalists

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS In under five years, Independent Journal Review has risen to a new type of politics news site with a 40-person editorial team, a White House correspondent and the designation of the most-shared publisher on social channels on election night. “We were really early on the bet that social would be the future of media consumption, and that’s th ...

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  • Introducing Issue 4 of Digiday’s magazine

    What started as a magazine is becoming something more. Pulse is now part of a new Digiday membership model. Our offer: Pay about $1 a day ($395 a year) and we’ll give you a magazine with insightful, unique content; monthly data reports from our summits; member events in New York City and beyond; and an exclusive, monthly newsletter from our editors on what’s coming next in media and marketing.

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