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  • ‘It’s the birth of a new industry’: Confessions of a weed agency

    Marijuana legalization is now a foregone conclusion. Over half of U.S. states have enacted laws that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use. That means American capitalism has kicked into high gear, with estimates that the domestic legal cannabis market will reach $50 billion by 2026, according to Bloomberg.

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  • EA’s David Tinson: Marketers need to create less content, not more

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Brands nowadays have any number of places to push out content, possibly too many, according to David Tinson, who heads up communications at video game giant Electronic Arts. “The strategy can’t just be more content. It’s hard to not just follow the shiny object and just do more and more and more and not know what we’re getting at it,” said ...

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  • Nieman’s Joshua Benton: Facebook has ‘weaponized’ the filter bubble

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS The idea of the “filter bubble” is not new. Eli Pariser, a founder of Upworthy, wrote a book about it back in 2011, describing how personalization is changing how people think. But now, with Facebook as a dominant force in how people find news and information, we’re seeing that filter bubble “weaponize” with the use of fake news to confirm ...

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  • Bustle’s Bryan Goldberg: ‘There’s still so many dollars trapped in print’

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS For all the talk of digital transformation at magazine companies, Bustle CEO Bryan Goldberg believes they haven’t gone nearly far enough, mostly because the market for magazine advertising hasn’t collapsed like newspaper ads. “The decline of print all these years hasn’t been for lack of talented writers,” Goldberg said on this week’s episod ...

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  • European publishers see ad-blocking rates stabilizing

    Ad blocking emerged over a year ago as a major threat to digital publishing, most acutely in Europe, which has long boasted the highest ad-blocking rates in the world. But now, European publishers are seeing ad blocking rates stabilize and even drop. It’s too soon for publishers to declare victory in the war on ad blocking.

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  • Conde Nast International Digital Chief: ‘You can’t win a race for reach’

    Blau: Data passionate The digital media world is arguably coming out of a period in which many publishers focused nearly exclusively on growing their audience as large as possible. Now, with the shine is off that notion, more are preaching the gospel of building the right audience with deep ties. Condé Nast International’s chief digital officer, Wolfgang Blau, is a believer in ...

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  • Fatherly’s Mike Rothman on fighting the ‘doofus dad’ sterotype

    This is not a time for the faint of heart in digital media. Mike Rothman, CEO of Fatherly, an 18-month-old media startup focused on young dads, is one of the intrepid souls who still see opportunity in media. For Fatherly, that opportunity lies in crafting a new type of publication for dads and young families when traditional parenting magazines have focused on moms.

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  • New School’s David Carroll: Tech’s made advertising worse

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS The article of faith underpinning much of advertising technology is the idea that data can be collected to “improve” advertising by making it more relevant. Dog owners will see dog food ads, cat owners will get cat food. But David Carroll, an associate professor of media design at The New School’s Parsons, believes this has never come to fruition.

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  • Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro on how to become a big agency without sucking

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS A decade ago, Huge was a bootstrapped startup agency in a 200-square foot room in Brooklyn with about 10 employees. Now, it’s 1,400 people with offices around the globe growing 30 percent a year. Aaron Shapiro, Huge’s CEO who joined the company in its early days, said on this week’s Digiday Podcast that each year brings both growth and a ne ...

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  • Editor’s note: Video killed the internet star

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the third issue, which focuses on the current state and future potential of video. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit It’s not a coincidence that Jonah Peretti moved to Los Angeles.

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  • Refinery29 CEO Philippe von Bories: Digital news is in for a rough time

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS There are plenty predicting doom and gloom for the digital media industry. With Facebook and Google sucking up much of the growth in digital ads, digital media would appear on course for a reckoning. But digital media is not digital news sites, women’s lifestyle media brand Refinery29 CEO Philippe von Bories pointed out in this week’s episo ...

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  • DCN’s Jason Kint: Ad blocking can benefit publishers

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS The general consensus is ad blocking is a plague for publishers already fighting a market that’s flooded with options and increasingly dominated by platforms. But there’s an alternative narrative: Ad blocking will lay waste to a distorted ad market that’s too reliant on data and intermediaries, and is in effect an oligopoly, allowing trusted ...

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  • Why MassMutual launched ValoraLife to reach Hispanics

    MassMutual needs to get more people buying life insurance. The 165-year-old insurance company identified an opportunity in expanding insurance ownership among Latinos. At 52 million in the U.S., Latinos could constitute one fourth of the population by 2030. With this in m ...

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