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  • Forbes sales chief: Ad blocking is an ‘existential’ threat

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS For Forbes Media CRO Mark Howard, ad blocking isn’t just a nuisance confined to early adopter types. It’s an “industry-wide issue” that represents an “existential threat” to publishers — and calls for drastic action. “What we’re experiencing on a global basis is an indication of what’s to come,” he said on this week’s episode of the Digiday Podcast.

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  • ‘It’s about raising the floor’: Why NowThis doesn’t focus on viral hits

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Four-year-old NowThis is focused on producing short-form video for social feeds, whether that’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. Thanks in large part to the power of the Facebook feed, NowThis now does 1.6 billion video views a month from 60 videos produced a day across various platforms, with about half made for Facebook.

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  • SoFi’s Joanne Bradford: ‘Money is the last taboo subject’

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Joanne Bradford has a long history in digital media, with top jobs on the sales side at Microsoft, Yahoo and, most recently, Pinterest. Following her departure from Pinterest last June, she opted out of the sell side of media and instead entered the hot space of “fintech,” where technology businesses are trying to barge into the stodgy and ...

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  • Challenge Board Confessions: When programmatic gets problematic

    Sometimes programmatic can be problematic. At the Digiday Programmatic Summit this week in New Orleans, we asked top brands to anonymously write their biggest challenges with programmatic advertising and place them on the Digiday Challenge Board. Here’s a sampling of what brands submitted anonymously, with their explanation of the challenge.

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  • Visa’s Shiv Singh: ‘Digital is not that accountable’

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS The entire premise of online marketing has been that, unlike other channels, it is fully accountable. The wealth of tracking data, theoretically, means marketers can know what’s working and what’s not. The problem is that this just isn’t true, according to Shiv Singh, global head of digital and marketing transformation at Visa.

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  • BuzzFeed’s Dao Nguyen: ‘We don’t think of ourselves as an island’

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS BuzzFeed’s rise was made possible, in large part, by platforms like Facebook. These new distribution engines allowed BuzzFeed content to go viral and reach enormous audiences. Now, those platforms are shifting — and so is BuzzFeed. Facebook and its ilk now would like publishers to publish content directly onto their platforms rather than redirect traf ...

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  • Introducing Digiday Live, our new podcast

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Publishers are going podcast crazy. We’re not immune. For the past 15 months, we’ve recorded a weekly interview series, the Digiday Podcast, which features leaders from the media and marketing industries. Now, we’re complementing the Digiday Podcast with Digiday Live, a compilation of the best sessions from the 18 summits we’ll put on this year.

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  • CNET’s Eric Johnson: Focus is what wins in media

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS CNET is over two decades old. When it was founded in 1995, just 15 percent of the U.S. was online. Times change. One thing that’s not changed, according to Eric Johnson, general manager of CNET’s media group, is the formula for making money in digital media. For CNET, it’s about having a focus on a category (tech, games, autos) that advertisers care a ...

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  • Food52’s Bridget Williams: The scale era in media is waning

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Bridget Williams is no stranger to the race to amass large audiences in media. She was a top executive at Business Insider from 2009 to 2013 during that site’s meteoric audience expansion. But in her new role as chief operating officer at Food52, Williams is now focused on the “anti-Business Insider”: a media company devoted to home cooks that’s build ...

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  • The Atlantic’s verdict on Facebook Instant Articles: ‘Jury’s still out’

    The Atlantic is not merely dipping its toes in Facebook’s Instant Articles program. It was an early partner in it a year ago and configured its content-management system to automatically push all its new content directly to Facebook. “Our strategy is to put 100 percent on Instant Articles,” Kim Lau, vp and gm at The Atlantic, said at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado.

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  • Europe’s top publishers on what they’re doing about ad blocking

    Publishers are divided about what to do about ad blocking, whether it’s follow in the steps of Axel Springer’s Bild and toe the hard line, or unite together and make a stand against to block ad blockers. At Digiday’s Publishing Summit in Bologna this week, we asked Europe’s top publishers what they are doing about ad blocking.

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  • Day in the Life: An American ad exec in Tokyo

    Back in May 2014, ad veteran David Rittenhouse moved to Tokyo for what was to be a three-month gig at Ogilvy & Mather Japan. It has turned into a longer stay. He was recently named representative director for Neo@Ogilvy in Tokyo. For Rittenhouse, Tokyo is his second assignment abroad. It meant moving his family across the world to a place very different from their home.

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  • Sydney Finkelstein on superbosses, and why he found few in advertising

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | There’s often the feeling that the advertising industry is missing true leaders as the agency business has become one of meeting quarterly targets for giant holding companies. According to Sydney Finkelstein, author of “Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent,” there’s probably some truth to it.

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