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  • PopSugar CEO Brian Sugar: We don’t want to run mobile banner ads

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Women’s lifestyle publication PopSugar is nearing a decade old. In that time, founder Brian Sugar has seen the ebb and flow of digital media. One early bet he’s glad he made: Don’t rely on display advertising. “Coming from e-commerce, we didn’t spend money in display,” said Sugar, a former J. Crew executive, on this week’s Digiday Podcast.

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  • Vice-owned agency Carrot Creative has only 7 percent turnover

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Ask any agency their biggest challenges, you’ll hear “talent” pretty quickly into their answers. That’s because agencies are beset with turnover rates of 30 percent or higher. Not so at Carrot Creative, the decade-old 150-person digital agency owned by Vice. It boasts just a 7 percent turnover rate, according to Mike Germano, CEO of Carrot, and the a ...

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  • Nick Denton: Facebook dominance is better than ‘convoluted’ ad tech

    Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton was an extreme skeptic of publishers relying too heavily on Facebook. Now he’s come around to the idea, in part because relying on Facebook is a lot better than relying on “the mess of ad tech.” Denton explained his thoughts in a podcast interview with Recode today. Gawker is “all in” on publishing directly to Facebook with its Instant Articles pro ...

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  • Mindshare’s Jordan Bitterman: Snapchat needs to work on its ad infrastructure

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Snapchat is the belle of the ball among advertisers, eager to get at its young users. In a new survey of senior ad buyers, Snapchat was the clear favorite for social platforms they would begin to advertise on this year. But momentum can only take you so far. Snapchat, which is rolling out an ads application-programming interface soon, still lacks so ...

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  • ‘Facebook’s not the place to be the source of your community’

    There was a time, not very long ago either, when brands looking to build their content-marketing strategies inevitably started in one place: Facebook. That’s where the masses were, that’s where these brands could try their hands at publishing content to reach them. That’s no longer the case. Facebook’s move to choke off organic reach has caused marketers, and their agencies, t ...

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  • Brands celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and clichés

    The need to be “real time” means brands have to mark every occasion, large and small. America’s birthday is no exception. Your typical brand social media manager wants nothing more than to get out of the office for the long weekend. Let’s say most of these well wishes for America won’t win many creative prizes. To the tweets! Ah, fireworks. Celebrate the red, white and blue.

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