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  • Increase Your Income Utilizing Pay Per Click, by Brian Newmark

    Best Ways to Increase Pay Per Click Income Pay Per Click or PPC is the fastest way to generate targeted traffic to your website or landing page. This is typically the best quality traffic as they came through targeted keywords. The conversion on PPC is strong resulting in increased income. Market Your Own Products: PPC is the best way to sell your own products.

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  • Pay-Per-Click for Beginners by: Brian Newmark

    I’m often asked “How do I get started doing pay-per-click?” After saying, you know there is a book Pay Per Click for Dummies… I do try to help. Here are some of my insights which lay a good foundation for understand pay-per-click. Pay-Per-Click or PPC is an online advertisement format where advertiser pays for web traffic on the basis of clicks on their ads.

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  • Why PPC May NOT Be For You by Brian Newmark

    Why PPC May NOT Be For You, by Brian Newmark Lately I’ve had a lot of people write to me with something like: Brian Newmark, should I utilize PPC to help grow my business? My reply is typically: PPC is great, but… It can bring instant traffic to your site. The traffic can be absolutely targeted as per your demographic requirements.

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  • PPC and What It Means For a Blogger, by: Brian Newmark

    Are you looking for some extra visitors to your blog? You want them targeted and you want them quick. If that is how your priority list stands out then PPC might just be the right choice for you. So, what is PPC? Pay per click is a form of advertisement where your potential visitors click on your advertisement and follows the link in the ad to reach your intended target.

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