Brian Pitre

  • Data Driven Content Marketing: Measuring Your Effectiveness

    There’s no question that producing a well strategized and maintained content stream is crucial for the success of any digital business. The benefits are numerous and include everything from an increase in visitor engagement onsite, improved search engine rankings through SEO, and if your content marketing initiatives are done correctly, the establishment of a “sticky” factor th ...

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  • How to CRO and Look Good in The Process

    I was performing conversion rate optimization tests before I even knew what they were. Fresh out of college, I found myself mercilessly pounding the pavement in a quest for my first job. I went on dozens of interviews those first couple of months out of undergrad, all with conversion rates of less than zero.

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  • SEO Trends: What We’re Seeing in 2014

    When it comes to SEO, marketers, bloggers and anyone with insight into the discipline put together forecasts and lists detailing what trends they think are going to explode the following year. Here at Blue Fountain Media, we closely follow SEO on a day-to-day basis so that our SEO service offerings include the latest trends.

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