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  • 3 Attention Metrics That Put Online Engagement In The Spotlight

    We talk a lot about user “experience” in marketing, but what does it really mean? And how do you measure it? In an earlier piece titled “CMOs: Are You Paying Attention to Attention?,” I argued that marketers should use attention metrics to hold themselves accountable. This focus will help ensure they are delivering the types of experiences that capture people’s interest.

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  • CMOs: Are You Paying Attention To Attention?

    Measuring campaign performance against frequency of page views and impressions has long been the standard success (and value) metric for brands and advertisers. It’s a simple linear view that links a form of consumer engagement to ROI. Yet today’s modern marketers realize that measuring the success of a campaign is less about if people visit and more about how long they visit.

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  • The Secret To Driving Revenues: Make It Easy For Them To Buy

    Consumers are time poor and use a vast variety of devices, and today, marketers have mere seconds to grab their attention. It is a world of glimpses and instant gratification, and getting customers to engage is harder than it has ever been. But why are we trying to get them to engage? To get them to like you and read what you have to say — and browse through your products/se ...

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  • Instant Digital Gratification: Taking The Consumer To The Checkout In Rapid Fashion

    There was a time when content was king, when content ruled the airwaves and was the hook by which brands fished for consumers. But today, content is a sprawling ocean, and consumers aren’t swimming in it; they are drowning in waves of undistinguishable content. Yet still, brands need to catch these people and reel them in — but they only have tiny windows of opportunity to d ...

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  • Maximize Marketing Reach: A Glance At The Customer Is All You Get

    The window of opportunity to get a browsing consumer’s attention is a very small one — and increasingly it is a window viewed on the even smaller window of a mobile device. A glance is all you get to win them in both time and space. While it’s great to have increasing freedom to be creative with your marketing campaigns, you have to remember that you are no longer targeting ...

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  • 5 Steps To Freedom: The Key To Being A Rapid Marketer

    Consumers are living for the moment, because time is an increasingly precious resource. The same applies to marketers who are trying to tap into those consumer moments as they happen. In fact, nearly 70 percent of marketers feel challenged by time, with a third considering a lack of enough time their single biggest challenge.

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