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  • Six stats on the importance of trust in influencer marketing

    Image by Walter Lim, available via CC BY 2.0 Successful influencer marketing depends on trust. Influencers need to establish trust with their audiences in order for their posts to resonate. Brands and agencies conducting campaigns must establish trust with their influencers if they want their campaigns executed effectively.

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  • Influencer marketing: where we’re headed in 2017

    Early in 2016, we promised that this would be the year that influencer marketing would become mainstream. We wrote about the progress that influencer marketing made in 2016, but as a marketer, you always need to be looking forward to be prepared for what the future holds. So what direction can we expect influencer marketing to take in 2017? We’ve seen the tactic grow, but we ...

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  • Influencer marketing: the strides we’ve made in 2016

    Influencer marketing saw a huge bump in popularity in 2016, and it’s expected to grow even more in 2017. The social media marketing industry is evolving faster than ever, which is why it’s important to stay on top of the industry changes coming in the New Year. This is how your brand or agency will stay ahead of the curve to be better prepared for your influencer marketing str ...

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  • Understanding FTC guidelines for influencer marketing

    The FTC is cracking down on brands that aren’t following the rules and regulations for influencer marketing. Where they are and aren’t enforcing these rules, though, has left many confused. To help with your influencer marketing planning, we’ve outlined what you need to do in order to keep your brand compliant with the FTC Guidelines.

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  • Seven influencer marketing strategies that work

    As influencer marketing grows in popularity, we’re also seeing it become increasingly commoditized. We’re seeing marketplaces auctioning off influencers with the largest following to the highest bidder. And networks “matching” brands with any influencer they have available. This commoditization eliminates the human matchmaking element.

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