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  • 3 Ways A HubSpot Agency Can Help You

    You’ve been working hard at creating content and building audience engagement. But with every report you pull you realize you aren’t seeing the results that reflect how hard you’ve been working. You know HubSpot and you know your business, but what about those times when you get stuck? Or wish you had another hand or extra hours in the day to get it all done.

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  • Don't Just Say You're a Thought Leader, Prove It

    You spend time trying to pinpoint how you are different from the competition. Master of your domain, expert in your space, thought leader- you know everything there is to know about your business you want your customers to know it. It's true that your industry experience and engagement is important to convey to your online audience.

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  • Friday Fails: Think Before You Post to Social

    We've seen horrible fails on social media time and time again. You want your content to go viral, but not for the wrong reasons. In this Friday Fails episode, let's talk about the latest fail on social media and steps you can take to make sure this never happens to you! Friday Fails: Think Before You Post to Social Transcript: Hi everyone! I'm Bridget and welcome to this wee ...

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  • Friday Fails: Cut the Industry Jargon

    Buzzwords, cliches, jargon- every industry has been known to throw them around. But using jargon when talking with prospects and clients can be both alienating and confusing. Keeping to clear and direct language that everyone can understand will keep you sounding like a robot and out of this week's edition of Friday Fails.

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  • What CrossFit Taught Me About Inbound Marketing

    There are two topics that really butter my biscuit and those are inbound marketing and CrossFit. Whether you want to talk about mastering a butterfly pull-up or how to get the best conversion rate on your advanced content- I’m your gal. Hook, line, and sinker I’m totally invested in both and can talk your ear off if you let me. Or shall I say kettle bell, box jump, and ghd sit-up.

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  • Friday Fails: Not Understanding Your Buyer Personas

    A buyer persona is vital to both the success of your website as well as your marketing program. They are the people who shop with you, use your services, and work with you specifically. But if you don't truly understand your buyer personas, you are setting your website and marketing program up for failure.

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  • How Your Inbound Marketing Website Helps Your Sales Team Close Leads

    Traditionally, your website is thought of as a marketing responsibility and falls on that department's plate. When I talk to people interested in redesigning their website they can be analysts, specialists, directors or managers, but all of them usually have the word 'marketing' in their title. During my conversation I inevitably ask, "How can we design a website to support you ...

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