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  • The 3 Big Steps for a Successful YouTube Channel

    As a marketer, you know that high-quality video requires cash and that the more creative you can be, the better. With all that pressure, what are some of the most simple and powerful choices you can make to develop a strong YouTube presence on a budget? Social Marketing Planning & Strategy Kit Download The following three steps cost you nothing but time and give you lot ...

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  • How to Educate Your Executives on Social Media

    “So, how do we do on the social?” Okay, it might not be that awkward when a senior leader at your company asks about your work, but sometimes they’re not hip to the happenings and you gotta give them the straight scoop, quickly. Whether over email or in-person, communicating with an executive must send the message that social is essential and making the low-cost, positive imp ...

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  • Are You Targeting the Right Audience on Social Media?

    “Hey, pay attention to us! No…wait, you’re not buying our product. Um…how about YOU?” Does this confusion remind you a bit of seeking out your audience on social? It’s tricky. Location, gender, favorite network, hottest hashtag, other hobbies, following your competitors — what’s the magic formula for your ideal fan? Social Campaign Checklist Download Well, you know what al ...

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  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Engagement Overnight

    24-hours. You. Fans. Connection. Engagement. Happiness. Smart Ways to Grow Your Social Audience Download This beat-poem could be your real life. Sure, getting engagement to grow on social is best done over the long haul, but I took a tour around the internet and pulled together tips on how to make it happen fast. All of these suggestions go a step or two beyond “be interesting.

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  • 5 Social Tactics to Bring to a Desert Island

    You’ve probably played this game before: If you could only bring x people/items to a desert island, who/what would they be? Let’s bring this question to the social sphere: If you could choose only five essential tactics to put some shine in your social strategy, what would they be? Social Campaign Checklist Download Here at Simply Measured, we work with dedicated social marketers everyday.

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  • How to Perform an Internal Social Media Audit

    Are you at a new business, established business, about to launch a product, breaking into a new market, or doing absolutely anything, Mr. or Ms. Social Marketer? Perfect. It’s likely time for you to conduct a social media audit. Social Marketing Planning & Strategy Kit Download Don’t worry — it’s not as scary as it sounds.

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  • Do You Know What Your Competitors Are Doing on Social?

    In the early phase of social media planning, we emphasize studying your competitors. Why? Because you gotta rule the roost on social, people! And, because they can be some of your best teachers. Competitive analysis helps you identify fresh trends, tactics, and challenges as you plan your marketing efforts.

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  • 5 Reports Every Social Marketer Should Have

    As a social marketer, you get a lot of “How’s it going?” questions. Behind your hip, creative veneer is a person who spends a lot of time reporting on your work. How can you reduce this review time? Here at Simply Measured, we talk with speedy marketers every day. And, we’ve noticed some patterns in their workflow.

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  • What Is Social Media Maturity?

    Nearly every technology applied to business processes, from change management software to cyber security, now boasts a maturity model. They’re intended to point out how far a company has gone towards optimizing the use of the technology. Social media is no exception. State of Social 2015 Among the sources of information on social media maturity today, one stands out.

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  • How to Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Social

    You’re smart. But, are your goals as S.M.A.R.T. as you? Way back in the early ‘80s, business guru Peter Drucker came up with a way to think about goal setting called S.M.A.R.T. (Clearly, this man was a marketer at heart since he created such an alluring acronym). We believe it can transform your social strategy because it inserts structure, metrics, timelines, and a sense o ...

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  • 5 Tips for Cranking Up the Comments on Instagram

    With all the effort you’re putting into your company’s Instagram presence, it’s nice earn likes on your posts. Then again, it’s even better to inspire a flood of comments. How do you get your Instagram followers so pumped on your post that they just have to say a few words or notify a friend? 3 Cheat Sheets for Boosting Engagement on Social Download I took a walk around our ...

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  • 5 Tips for Ending Your Social Strategy Struggles

    Katy Whitney According to the 2015 Social Marketing Trends Report from TrustRadius, most marketers list “developing their social strategy” as a top pain point. Here at Simply Measured, we see this struggle each day. We know it’s real. What are some tips for developing and improving a social strategy? In search of answers, I interviewed one of our clever, helpful account ma ...

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  • 5 LinkedIn Tactics From B2C Brands That Crush It

    How do you innovate as a brand marketer on LinkedIn? Anything edgy going on? Most people don’t say “LinkedIn” and “edgy” in the same sentence, but there are brands that have been clever in their approach to the social network. The 2015 Influencer Marketing Guide We picked five examples of tactics that seem to spark engagement or position brands as worthy of follower attention.

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  • Celebrities and Sexy Products Spark YouTube Buzz on Twitter

    What do NBA star Lebron James, golfer Lee Westwood, and the video game Zelda have in common? They’ve all helped spark engagement for brands in YouTube videos on Twitter. Twitter Benchmarks Q4 2014 Brands putting time, money, and effort into high-quality videos to share on Twitter should consider celebrities and product placements to get fans engaged, according to our Q4 20 ...

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  • The 4 Most Helpful Metrics for Your Next Social Campaign

    Kristin Dean There is no one-size fits all metric to measure your social campaigns. But, there are certain metrics that will guide you towards practical insights faster than others. I recently sat down with our Simply Measured Enterprise Client Partner Kristin Dean to ask her advice on picking metrics for social analytics. She had some great advice for marketers looking to plan campaigns.

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  • Your Instagram Followers Love Seeing Your Product

    It turns out that consumers who follow brands on Instagram really love product pictures. Rather than humans holding or showing off the products, they seem to prefer close-ups on their favorite things. Could your fanboys and fangirls be looking for more product shots from you? Instagram Network Study – Q4 2014 Download Our trusty marketing analyst Michael Thomason dug a litt ...

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