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  • 3 Low Maintenance Ways to Survey Your Audience

    Technology has given us a lot of great tools to help us confirm what kind of content we should be creating. There’s predictive analytics, analyzing past content and countless other ways to decide. However, one of the best ways to find out what your audience wants to read is to ask them straight out. The wants and needs of your audience are a very important part of choosing content to create.

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  • 4 Tools to Build a Social Media Content Calendar

    Do you struggle to keep track of your social media content? Are you looking for tools to help? Creating a social media content calendar doesn’t need to be complicated or require a whole new platform. In this article you’ll find four ways to build a social media content calendar with tools you may already use.

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  • So Bad They’re Good: Use the 7 Deadly Sins for More Persuasive Copy

    I stood on my building’s front steps, freezing, digging through my purse. I don’t know why. I didn’t know where my keys were, but I knew they weren’t in there. Eventually I gave up and sat on the freezing stoop, angry at myself and whoever made me lose my keys. While I waited for the locksmith to arrive, I searched for and ordered a tracker to attach to my keys to avoid this a ...

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  • 11 Awesome Tools for Hassle-Free Influencer Outreach

    Your influencer campaign is so close to the official kickoff. You’ve built your strategy and, thanks to some influencer research, your targets have been acquired. Get ready, because it’s finally time to make your move. Time to send some outreach emails! This is where it starts to get really fun. This is where planning comes to a close and you’re getting ready to launch.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Influencer Strategy is Successful

    Editor Note: This is a syndicated post from Mention. Has this ever happened to you? You see an ad or review for something that seems so cool, it will be life-changing for sure. So you wait a bit, let the anticipation build, getting more and more excited for having that thing in your life. You finally get it, open the box, and feel stupid.

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