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  • Get Started with Google Analytics: Best Practices for Everyone

    Get Started with Google Analytics: Best Practices for Everyone Posted: 02.23.2016 Starting your site tracking off on the right foot is key. If you’re using a tool like Google Analytics (GA), once data is processed in the platform, you can’t change it. Here are a few recommendations that almost every GA implementation should use out of the gate.

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  • 2016 Search Wish List

    2016 Search Wish List Posted: 01.08.2016 Late in 2016, a few of our esteemed Account Directors (Sean McEntee, Christine Baker, Joseph Kerschbaum, Caitlin Halpert, and Eric Smith) put their heads together for an impromptu wish list for search in the coming months. We know, we know…the holidays are over (sniff), but just in case folks at Google and Bing are listening, here ar ...

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  • How to Have an Opinion

    Whether you’re transitioning into a strategic role or you want to better manage your client relationships, it’s important to develop an opinion and effectively communicate that opinion to the client. I’ve summarized three key steps to getting back in the driver’s seat of conversations with your client. Learn SEM Knowledge First and foremost, you should be an expert in search.

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