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  • When Web Design Doesn’t Matter

    There are massively successful websites out there that look like crap. And then there are beautiful sites that fail because their message doesn’t resonate with anyone. How can that be? Fancy design stuff is seductive. It distracts us, the founders of businesses, from doing the most important, mission critical stuff.

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  • How to Write Amazing Headlines (with Leo Babauta)

    A thousand words down and you finish writing another post. You’re about to hit publish, but hold on a second. You forgot to title it. “Oh no, this is going to take forever. I hate this part.” Writing headlines can be intimidating and time consuming. You want to figure out the best title for what you made because you know people are more likely to click on a link in their e ...

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  • Are Your Customers and Fans Different People? Here’s how to find out.

    If you’re like us, your audience and potential customer are one in the same. If you listen to our podcast, you could be a Fizzler. But what if your audience/readers/fans and customers are different people? What if the people that visit your website aren’t the people that eventually help pay your bills (and vice versa)? In this video Josh Shipp, Youth Speaker and Teen Expert ...

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  • How Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules Apply to Your Business

    Unlike how most people get started writing and creating online, which is typically very lonely, Pixar thrives on collaboration. Employees there aren’t afraid of criticism, but rather embrace it, for it makes them and what they create better. Entire scenes they may have worked tireless nights on can get cut if they don’t build on the story being told.

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  • CEO vs. Worker Bee: The Two Modes of Productivity

    Figuring out what you should be spending your time on is a lot of work. Then there is the whole “doing the work” part. The distinction between these two modes, dubbed CEO and Worker Bee by our very own Chase Reeves, is an important mental barrier to create, especially for a solo bootstrapping founder.

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  • Pleasure Before Business

    Have you been to a conference before where there are more people wearing a kilt and a Darth Vader helmet while riding a unicycle playing a bagpipe that shoots flames out the back than people wearing a suit and tie? That’s the kind of conference Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit is. It is a little different. A little “unconventional” if you will.

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  • You Have More Reach Than You Think

    I used to be so caught up with vanity stats and metrics when I first started blogging that I didn’t realize how much energy I was wasting. It took me a long time to figure it out too. You have more reach than you think you do. It doesn’t matter how many followers, subscribers, or likes you have. You have to look beyond the numbers. Look at the connections you’re making at a personal level.

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  • Processing Praise, Ignoring Crickets & Why We Need Validation

    As I was listening to this conversation Chase and Chris Ducker were having (the audio of which is below this post), it made me think of something all entrepreneurs struggle with. There is a feeling of validation that we all expect to feel whenever we share or publish something online. You know the feeling.

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