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  • How To Outsmart the Pinterest Smart Feed

    So, we’ve been dealing with this Pinterest smart feed thing for a while. You probably realized it changed up how Pinterest works, and that some of your pins weren’t getting as much traffic as they used to. But did you change your pinning habits? If not, read on to find out what the smart feed means for you.

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  • The Worst Pinterest for Small Business Mistakes

    Here at Tailwind, we love helping you perfect your Pinterest for small business campaign. An innovative paradise of images, each one perfectly in sync with the powerful story of your brand. This time, however, we’re going to tell you what NOT to do. Watch where you walk, because we’re about to step into the minefield of Pinterest for small business pitfalls. The internet is a harsh place.

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  • How To Create An ‘In Real Life’ Pinterest Strategy

    You have achieved Pinterest perfection. Each board oozes with brand personality. You have taken everything that makes your physical storefront unique and turned and transformed it into something truly pintastic. You’re getting re-pins, your stuff is popular… life is good. But why be good when you could be great! Although your Pinterest strategy might be reflecting your physical ...

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  • Pinterest for Small Business: Etsy

    For the tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Pinterest for small business owners is like a virtual social media mecca for their brand. Breaking a company down into bite-size images makes it easier for prospective customers to know who we are and what we stand for. Seeing the product in action helps too.So it really isn’t surprising that many Etsy sellers flourish on Pinterest.

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  • Battle of the Engines: Google vs. Pinterest Search

    With the arrival of Pinterest, a new player joined the competitive search engine landscape. As time passed, social-savvy journalists began noting the rising power of the plucky image-sharing website. Even so, Google has apparently been unfazed by the rapidly advancing Pinterest search engine. In this blog post we set out to compare the two search engines in an effort to find ou ...

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