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  • How the 2015 Election Went Digital

    Posted by Candice South on May 22, 2015 | Tagged as: Tags: 2015 Election, Social Media From taking selfies to debating topical issues online, this was definitely the election that was defined by the surge in digital and social media. Party leaders were embracing this shift and sought to engage the electorate using Twitter and YouTube.

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  • Feathers, Gangsters and Mystery: Mediavision’s UK Christmas Party

    Last Friday night saw the UK team descend upon the Passford House Hotel to let their hair down for the end of year Christmas Party. With a 1920’s theme, all of us joined together as flapper girls, gangsters and paper boys for an authentic murder mystery. Coming in from the cold night was made even better by the cosy surroundings – we might not have had sunshine and ...

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  • How to Deal With a Social Media Disaster

    Posted by Candice South on Oct 3, 2014 | Tagged as: As easy as it seems, being relevant, friendly and professional on social media in any given situation is an art form. In one of my earliest internships I remember a storm brewing on a brand’s Facebook page as two die hard fanboys argued over the celebrity ambassador we used at the time.

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