Cara Olson

  • 5 Priorities For Email Marketing In 2015

    We are already well into 2015, but many marketers are still refining their plans for the year. I’m beginning to hear several common themes emerge among email experts as they evaluate the year’s priorities. Looking back, for many, 2014 was the year of creating more triggers (and optimizing existing triggers) to increase the share of volume and revenue that triggered campaigns represent.

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  • 10 Data Feeds To Integrate With Your ESP

    The ability to send relevant emails is based on access to quality data. Data are usually integrated either in real-time (using an API call) or via a “feed” that posts a file to a secure FTP site for batch import into your email service provider (ESP) on a regular frequency. Following are 10 key incoming data feeds every retailer should have integrated with their ESP. 1.

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  • How To Handle Email Marketing For Franchise Brands

    More and more, franchise brands are embracing email marketing to help them on a number of fronts. Often, deal with a number of different types of — single location, multi-location, multi-state, small corporations, partnerships, solely owned, highly sophisticated, unsophisticated, etc. Fragmentation is more the rule than the exception, so clear and consistent messaging, while ...

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