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  • Measuring content effectiveness: A marketer’s guide

    Over the past two years I’ve been principally involved in writing close to twenty content marketing strategies with Lush Digital. Each strategy seeks to accomplish different business goals, and each strategy addresses different organisational challenges that have thus far prevented a business from achieving its goals.

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  • Conquering new territories with content marketing

    Thinking about expanding your brand into a new territory? If you’ve thus far had success in your current market, a strategic move into a new territory could increase the revenue of your business by double or more. Content marketing is an excellent tool for demonstrating the equity, credibility and expertise of a brand, and is consequently a first choice for many businesses inte ...

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  • Direct sources for content marketing research

    When researching for a content marketing strategy, how do you ensure you’re accessing authentic information about your audience? On a recent content marketing program for a trucking firm, content marketer Stephen Dupont remarked: “Sure, it’s easy to ask in an online survey or a Facebook post… But to uncover deeper insights, we needed phone and face-to-face interviews with real drivers who haul .

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  • Using experts to create great blogs

    If you’re part of a team writing for a corporate blog, you might feel sometimes like you’re thrown in the deep end with writing tasks. Even for our own blog, it’s not uncommon to hear members of the Lush team ruminating about whether or not they’re qualified to give advice on a certain topic. Although these concerns often come down to issues of self-confidence, it can be true t ...

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  • 3 Tips for scalable content marketing

    At Lush, every strategy we write includes a ‘blue sky’ recommendation for how a business should proceed if they had no budget, staffing or time restraints. Unfortunately, for most businesses this isn’t the reality they operate in. Instead, many businesses come through our doors asking for a scalable content marketing strategy, able to grow and change as their business does.

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  • How to do content marketing research

    Have you decided to embark on a content marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin? The key to a well-informed, effective strategy is comprehensive research, however many marketers don’t know how to conduct it. In content marketing research, you want access to the information of experts, through sources like industry body reports, peer reviewed articles, survey results and studies.

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  • Vimeo vs YouTube: Which should exist in your strategy?

    If you’re a seasoned content marketer, no doubt you will understand the importance of including high quality video content in your content marketing strategy. But does your brand have a strategy for where to host your video, as well as what your video should be? The two big players in online video hosting are Vimeo and YouTube.

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  • Learning to nurture your leads

    Does your strategy prioritise lead nurturing or lead generation? A key difference in the approach of content marketing compared to traditional marketing is the emphasis placed on lead nurturing over lead generation. And for good reason, too. Studies have found companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 per cent more sales-ready leads at 33 per cent lower cost.

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  • A Content Marketer’s Guide to Snapchat

    As one of the Gen-Y employees at Lush Digital Media, from time to time I get asked about my views on new social media platforms. Often I can be pretty unhelpful when it comes to the latest trends — things like Periscope never grabbed me, and to my knowledge none of my peers ever embraced the likes of Kik. One exception to this rule is Snapchat.

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  • Rethink how you’re selling content marketing

    Do you struggle to explain content marketing to your colleagues? Although many content marketers have a clear understanding in their mind of what it is they do, they find it difficult to explain to clients, colleagues and other marketing professionals. In 2008, The Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 24 published the article Understanding Digital Content Marketing.

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  • 5 Things Game of Thrones can teach us about content marketing

    If your office is anything like ours, lunchtime conversations over the past month have been consumed by Game Of Thrones reactions, discussions and fan theories. The television series has achieved record-breaking international success and the high production values, symbolic creative direction and amazing CGI animation, have struck a chord with our video production aficionados.

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  • Challenging your content marketing language

    How are you speaking about content marketing to colleagues, friends and clients? If you’re someone who knows anything about content marketing, you’ll know effective content marketing hinges on authenticity and aims to make genuine, valuable connections with your audience. So why do we continue speaking about it with jargon? Often it seems the tendency to use jargon when talkin ...

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  • Is your content marketing crossing the line?

    Often when I explain to my friends and family what I do for work, particularly when discussing how I incorporate blogs into a content marketing strategy, I find myself explaining the difference between native advertising and content marketing. They’ll ask me, “Is that like when (brand) is featured in (magazine)?” I’ll reply, “No, that’s native advertising.

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  • Content from your core values

    What are the core values of your business? Part of effective communication through content marketing is knowing what your brand is and what it’s not. The purpose of your organisation should be the driving force behind any messages you transmit, so it’s absolutely imperative this is defined and documented to frame the rest of your content marketing strategy.

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  • Thought leadership in content marketing strategy

    Late last year, business2community proclaimed 2016 was the year of ‘thought leadership driven content marketing’. It claimed thought leadership was changing the very way content marketing was practiced, and all successful content marketing programs of the new year would have it as part of the overall strategy.

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  • The Positive Impact Guest Bloggers Make to Your Blog

    Do you struggle to publish a blog post for your website every week? A key component of effective content marketing is maintaining consistency, yet consistently frequent posting can be a lot to manage for one person or even a team if you’re already busy. If you’re looking for help with blog writing, why not try using guest bloggers? A guest blogger is someone who writes for you ...

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  • Decline in Hype Will Weed Out Phony Content Marketers

    If you’ve been following content marketing news recently, you’ll know it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows across the industry. The first warning bells indicating content marketing was heading towards murky waters came last year when Gartner placed content marketing on the decline side of their Hype Cycle model.

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  • Why Netflix is the Ultimate Content Marketer

    Why Netflix is the Ultimate Content Marketer Like many people around the globe, I’ve spent much of the past month glued to Netflix’s Making a Murderer. It’s not my first time binge watching a Netflix original series; I’ve been down this path with Orange is the New Black, Narcos, and House of Cards already. And yet, each time I see mainstream ...

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  • Updating your content marketing strategy in the New Year

    How long have you been working from the same content marketing strategy? Because of the effort it can take to create one, many businesses end up leaving their strategy for years without re-vamping it. This is contrary to the recommendation from the Content Marketing Institute to re-visit your strategy often and give it a periodic tune-up.

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  • Brand Newsroom 70: Content Marketing ROI

    Brand Newsroom 70: Content Marketing ROI A common struggle of any content marketer is convincing traditionalists to see the value in a content marketing strategy. In these scenarios, old-school marketers will often ask for estimated ROI, a measurement which doesn’t always fit a content marketing plan.

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