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  • Step up your ABM game with new LinkedIn tools

    ABM has been the latest craze and buzz in the B2B ad industry; LinkedIn has taken notice and is stepping up their game. To bring you up to speed, here’s the lowdown on how advertisers ca ...

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  • How-to: Develop Your ABM Cross-Channel Campaign

    We have walked through how to set up ABM (account-based marketing) campaigns across any channel; now let’s understand the strategy to go to market. Here we will identify the channels, strategically segment our lists, ...

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  • How to analyze full-funnel B2B performance

    In most B2B cases, analysis isn’t as cut and dry as tracking the initial conversion or revenue generated from the website. Further tracking must be done as multiple conversion points must be ...

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  • SMBs on Social: What to Leverage to Achieve Goals

    SMBs on Social: What to Leverage to Achieve Goals Posted: 02.03.2016 One difference between launching a digital campaign on a social platform and a display platform or search network is a brand’s ability to choose what action they will pay for. Twitter gives you options to pay per follower, website click, website conversion, engagement, app install, lead, etc.

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  • 1st-Party Data Tips for SMBs

    1st-Party Data Tips for SMBs Posted: 01.11.2016 Many businesses wish to move their advertising efforts digitally but may not know how to find their target audiences online or which outlets will be more effective. No matter the size of the business, many are already sitting on all the data they need to effectively launch a digital advertising component.

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