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  • Google for Jobs May Help You Find Your Next Job

    On Tuesday Google launched a new search tool called Google for Jobs to help both job hunters and employers. If you are looking for a job, or want to fill a job, you may want to check out Google’s latest offering. Many available jobs go unfilled, with employers unable to find qualified candidates. According to Google’s announcement, “46 percent of U.S.

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  • Momentum Lets You Make the Most of Your New Tabs

    The choice of what you see when you open a new tab is an important one. You may want to see a favorite page, your email or a search page when you open a new tab. You can make more of your new tab page with Momentum, a free Google Chrome extension. When you download Momentum to your Google Chrome browser, you are greeted with information and inspiration.

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  • 8 Excellent Father’s Day Tech Gifts for 2017!

    Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day? These tech gifts are sure to please your father, whether or not he’s a tech fan. Even if your dad is difficult to buy for, you’ll find a fun and useful gift in this list. Whether your budget is small or exceedingly generous, you’re bound to be inspired by these gift ideas for your dad. You may even find a gift for yourself.

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  • The Apple News You Need to Know from WWDC 2017

    This week is WWDC, Apple’s annual conference for developers that gives a sneak peek at what’s ahead for Apple. Whether or not you’re a developer, you can get a glimpse of the future for Apple’s tech. Apple announced not only new devices, but also free updates to existing devices that will make your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer more useful.

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  • Dubai’s First Robot Cop Reports for Duty

    If you’re in Dubai and notice a robot patrolling the streets, you may think you’re watching a movie scene being recorded. But you’re not. That’s Dubai’s newest police officer. Last week, the Dubai police began an experiment using a robot in its force. The life-sized robot comes equipped not with a weapon but with a touch screen, and will be used mostly at shopping malls and tourist attractions.

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  • 5 Fun and Addictive Game Apps to Keep You Sharp!

    Fun game apps are a “must” to have handy on your phone. You can play them to entertain you and make you think when you have free time. Keep them on your phone or tablet when you need a diversion. Whether you’re stuck in the office on a Friday afternoon or stuck in a car on a long road trip or stuck on a flight that is delayed, your time will be more tolerable if you keep yourself amused.

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  • AmazonSmile – Do Good When You Shop!

    What’s more fun than shopping? Doing good when you shop! You can donate to your favorite charity when you shop at Amazon. And donating to your favorite charity won’t cost you any extra. The AmazonSmile program is a free service that donates a portion of your Amazon purchases to your favorite charity. All you have to do is head to AmazonSmile instead of when you shop at Amazon.

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  • Google Announces New Tech for Your Future!

    Google started its annual I/O Developers Conference yesterday by announcing new tech that takes us into the future. Many of these announcements involve updates to existing tech, making the tech you already have more useful. At the conference, Google announced that Android has over 2 billion monthly active devices now.

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  • Echo Show – Now You Can See What Alexa Can Do

    Amazon is innovating again, bringing us another version of its Echo smart speaker, the Echo Show. What makes the Echo Show different is that it has a touch screen so you can see what Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, can do. You may think that it was just yesterday that Amazon introduced a new Echo device. Well, it wasn’t yesterday, but you’re close.

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  • 10 Top Mother’s Day Tech Gifts for 2017!

    Shhh… Your mom has a secret. This year for Mother’s Day she is really hoping for a tech gift. Your mom may not be a techie, but she is certain to love these tech gifts that will brighten her day. That’s right, your mom is bound to grin with delight when she opens up her Mother’s Day present this year and finds one of these tech gifts.

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