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  • Google Chrome Update Blocks Annoying Ads

    Good news for people who use Chrome: Google released an update to its Chrome browser on Thursday that will automatically block annoying ads. This update to Chrome on computers and mobile devices will block the most annoying advertising on the Internet. Which Ads Will Be Blocked by Chrome Chrome’s new ad blocker will not block all advertising on websites, only the most annoying ads.

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  • HomePod: A Siri-ous Speaker with Potential

    Apple’s HomePod smart speaker arrived on Friday, after a delay from December. This speaker, that was first announced in June at Apple’s WWDC conference, has been highly anticipated since it was revealed. But the question for many Apple fans is whether the HomePod lives up to its potential. Design of the HomePod The HomePod is a cylinder that measures, 6.8 inches high (172 mm) by 5.

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  • Kindle in Motion – Ebooks Beyond Black & White

    When you think of Kindle books, you may think of black text on a white background. But times are changing. Amazon has introduced Kindle in Motion, books that are more than just words on a screen. Kindle in Motion books are ebooks in the Kindle format that have an added element to them. These books may have a different colored background, designs on the page, illustrations and even animation.

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  • 10 Top Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Your Sweetheart!

    If the thought of getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart leaves you flustered, you can calm down right now. The Wonder of Tech has you covered. Don’t even think about getting the boring traditional gifts of chocolates or flowers. Nope, what your sweetie really wants is a tech gift. Even non-tech fans will be delighted with these fun and useful tech gifts that are b ...

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  • Echo Spot – Alexa Now Comes with a Smaller Screen

    Amazon is continuing to expand its Echo line of smart speakers with the Echo Spot, a round device with a screen. The Echo Spot is smaller than its older sibling, the Echo Show, and takes up less room on a table top. Those who enjoy the convenience of the screen on an Echo Show, but want a smaller device to fit in tight spaces such as a nightstand, may enjoy the Spot.

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  • Apps to Block Annoying Robocalls

    If you think robocalls (automated telemarketing phone calls) are getting more annoying, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), complaints about illegal telemarketing calls have risen dramatically lately. The good news is that apps can help you block robocalls so you can avoid the annoyance of having to answer calls that are nothing more than an ...

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  • eero – A Device to Rid Your Home of Wi-Fi Dead Spots

    If you live in a home with dreaded Wi-Fi dead spots, you know the frustration of slow or unusable Wi-Fi connections. Maybe that dead spot is in your family room, making you unable to stream videos. Or perhaps the dead spot is in your kid’s bedroom, making it more difficult for them to finish their homework. Or maybe that dead spot is in the backyard, where you wanted to escape to stream music.

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  • Happy 7th Anniversary to The Wonder of Tech!

    Tomorrow marks the seventh anniversary of The Wonder of Tech, which first published on January 23, 2011. Once again, thanks to you dear readers, The Wonder of Tech has continued to thrive. I’m often asked if I run out of topics to write about after all these years, but I can assure you that tech does not stand still.

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  • Tantalizing Tech from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

    Last week the tech world showed off its future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This convention has brought the world innovative tech for over 50 years and this year we saw amazing new gadgets and impressive updates to existing gadgets. While the show was plagued by a record-setting flood and a massive power outage, exhibitors were still able to dazzle the ...

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  • New Google App Shows Which Famous Portrait Looks Like You

    When you see famous portraits from Ye Olden Days, you may wonder what you would have looked like back then. Your curiosity may be satisfied by a Google app that can delight or perhaps horrify you. Google Arts & Culture is an app that can now show your closest match to a famous portrait. Its new Face Match feature offers to match a selfie of you, or a friend, with a famous portrait.

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  • Echo Buttons – Making Alexa More Fun!

    Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, is a handy helper. She can answer our questions, control our smart homes, tell us the news and weather, set alarms and timers, play music and control our Fire TVs. And Alexa can be fun! Ask her to tell you a joke, say, “Good morning” to her to find out a fun fact about the date, and play games with her. What makes games even more fun is Echo Buttons.

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  • DesignEvo – A Fun and Free Logo Design Website

    If picture is worth a thousand words, a logo could be worth much more. Companies can be closely associated with their logos and use them widely on their products and services. But logos aren’t just for businesses. People can create logos for personal use. Whether you’re starting a blog, want a design for an email signature, or are focusing on personal branding, you may want t ...

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  • Moto Z2 Play – A Versatile Phone at a Reasonable Price

    If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, you may quickly become overwhelmed with the many choices. Be sure to check out the Moto Z 2 Play, which is a mid-priced phone with impressive features. Design The design of the phone is elegant, with curved corners and tapered edges. The back of the phone is brushed aluminum and comes in either Lunar Gray or Fine Gold.

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  • The Most Intriguing Tech of 2017

    As we look ahead to 2018, we can have fun looking back on the interesting tech that was introduced in 2017. While we quickly can take tech for granted, every so often we should pause and reflect on the advancements that bring new gadgets, apps and other tech into our lives. These are intriguing tech products and services from 2017 that had the biggest capacity to “wow” us, be ...

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  • How to Watch a Live Stream Church Service

    Merry Christmas! This may be a day of celebration for you, and I hope it is, what ever your faith may be. But celebrating in the Christmas season may be a challenge for those who can’t get to church for some reason. Perhaps some are housebound and are not well enough to attend in person. Or maybe some have a newborn they don’t want to expose to others’ germs.

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  • 4 Fun Ways to Track Santa Around the World!

    The magic of Santa Claus to a child may be most exciting when tracking his flight around the world. By using these trackers, you can follow Santa’s amazing journey on Christmas Eve and have fun while you wait for the big day! Find out about classic Santa tracking tools as well as some new, fun ways to make Christmas a bit merrier.

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  • Top Google Searches Around the World in 2017 – Infographic

    2017 was a year filled with joy and sorry, and people around the world reached out to Google search to learn more. They wanted to know more about themselves, such as “how to be a superhero,” “how to be a good parent,” and “how to make a difference.” They also wanted to find out about the world around them, such as “how do wildfires start,” “how far can North Korean missiles g ...

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