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  • Your First Look At The Impact Of Google’s Exact Match Update

    March 31, 2017 In the past few weeks, Google has released a few fun updates about how it will match and measure traffic in your AdWords accounts. Awhile back, we saw a transition to “exact matching” to close variants that included abbreviations, singular or plurals, and misspellings. With the new version, the exact match scandal boils down to two fundamental shifts.

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  • 60% Better CTR With Google DSK Campaigns & Other Real World Results

    December 22, 2016 Years ago Google introduced a product that paired low-funnel high-intent sites with contextual keywords. This GDN product was retired, only to be re-released this year in the form of beta, DSK Campaigns. What is Google offering in this campaign type? DSK stands for Display Select Keywords, meaning you only target the most promising keywords and when you ...

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  • ETAs Ruined My Ad Tests (& How We Can Overcome This)

    October 18, 2016 The release of expanded text ads rocked the world of Google PPC in early 2016. And shortly thereafter Bing joined in on the fun, bringing expanded text ads to so many of us in the PPC world. But some of us got screwed. That’s right, some of us have a bone to pick with these magnanimous platforms that, yes, provided us with a whole new set of messaging characters.

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  • The Art Of Paid Search Promotional Copy

    July 13, 2016 Most businesses have a love/hate relationship with promotions. Often a promotion implies that you as the seller are offering some good or service at a more convenient rate for the buyer, even if it causes you a dip in profit. Whether it’s a discount on the cost of your product, perhaps a free trial, or simply a package deal on your usual offer, promos mean 2 th ...

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  • Are Dynamic Search Ad Varieties A Waste Of Your Time?

    Dynamic ads have been in existence for years, but both Google and Bing have recognized the need to expand this feature. Now, in 2016, we can use dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) in our ad headlines and description lines of an ad, and the text ad creation can be automated based on the product relevance through Dynamic Search ads.

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  • How I Saved $1M Using Negative Keyword Lists

    When seeking opportunities for improved cost-efficiency, one of the most highly recommended checkpoints is the search term report in your paid search interface. Discovering a keyword spending well beyond its CPL threshold results in a mix of joy (“Great! Another keyword to exclude!”) and pain (“How did this search term spend that much?”).

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  • Your Ultimate Google Shopping Exam Checklist

    Boys & Girls of All Ages: The Google Shopping Exam is here!! That’s right, step up and give it your best shot: Google has released it’s Shopping Exam and today you’ll be given all the major bullet points for your studying pleasure. For those of you who’ve already taken the existing exams, hope you’re ready for a fun one today! And for you all who are still figuring out j ...

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  • The Real Performance We’ve Seen With Ad Customizers

    What are they again? Although the conversations about ad customizers began a few months ago, some folks are still learning just what they are and just how they work. Ad customizers are another opportunity created by Google to better connect your potential clients and customers with the most relevant information about your business.

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  • Your Simplest Path To Passing The Bing Accreditation Exam

    Over the past few months, I have provided my guides to acing your Google Fundamentals, Search & Display Advanced Exams. Not to be overlooked, today we’ll work through the Bing Accreditation Exam and how to ensure that you pass it with ease! But before we launch into what exactly it will take to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, I want to address why you’d want ...

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  • 3 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Bid Optimizations

    When beginning a new relationship with a PPC account, be it established or built from scratch, one of the most important things to manage is your bidding. How will you wrangle your new keyword friends and get them to perform to the best of their ability? Google is always happy to provide you with plenty of tools and suggestions for what to do, but the options can be overwhelming at times.

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  • Get Your PPC Campaigns Ready For The Holiday Season

    Are you ready and prepared for the holidays? Is your agency well aware of the key days for shopping and already preparing your season specific ads to boost your sales? Here are some tips to get ready and succeed this holiday season. Key Online Shopping Days Know the key dates for 2014 holiday shopping: Review Last Year’s Holiday Performance You’ll want to start your pla ...

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