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  • How To Harness PR In Your Outreach Campaigns

    PR has fast become a crucial element of any content marketing strategy. The days of ‘link-building’ have evolved, and now content marketers need to work hard to earn great links to gain exposure and brand awareness. That’s why it is crucial to have a robust outreach strategy. What Are Outreach Campaigns? Simply put, an outreach campaign is the process of sharing specific conte ...

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  • Epic Content Marketing Campaigns For Charities

    Charities have for a long time used Content Marketing in various ways to bring attention to their message. By sharing stories, the meaning of your cause is brought to the forefront in a way that provokes the required interest and emotional attachment that leads to support for your organisation. Today, we’re going to look at Content Marketing campaigns from well-known charities ...

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  • 4 Epic Content Marketing Campaigns For The Financial Sector

    For those not directly involved in it, the finance industry can often be seen as a boring sector. Even those in the business may find it initially difficult to come up with fresh, imaginative ideas which will lead to conversions. However, as these four absolutely epic Content Marketing examples prove, even the plainest of industries can be creative if approached from the right angle.

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  • What Makes A Successful Native Advertising Campaign?

    Earlier this week, Harry shared the questions to ask about native advertising giving us a great overview of how it works. Today, I want to talk about the individual elements that will really make your campaign shine. So let’s take a look at the key areas you need to consider when formulating a native advertising strategy.

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  • Questions Your Boss Will Ask About Content Marketing

    As a marketing representative for your company, you are likely to at least be aware of content marketing. Content Marketing is here to stay, and if you are not utilising it, then your competitors have got a significant advantage if they are. In order to successfully implement a content strategy into your business, you will need buy in from the higher ups.

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  • The Importance Of Influencers And What They Mean For Your Business

    So you’re creating great content, keeping your social channels updated with it and generally ticking the basic boxes for ‘spreading the word’. It’s a good start. But unless you have millions of loyal and interested followers, you won’t see much return. You need to start engaging with influencers. If you really want your content to reach significant audiences, you need to be wo ...

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  • Which Content Marketing Goals To Choose

    This is a transcript for our new video. Today we’re going to talk about content marketing goals, we’re going to look at the five top level sort of areas to approach when coming up with the goals for your content. First of all, a couple of tips. Always align your content marketing goals with your business goals.

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  • Helpful Digital Marketing Objectives For Your Business

    As with any marketing strategy, the key to success is to be able to define objectives and measure how successful they are. There’s no point in taking a shot in the dark (something which I think brands certainly do sometimes!) You need to consider your overall business goals, and how you can achieve these in the online landscape.

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