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  • Stop Treating Sitemaps Like the Least Valuable Player on Your Website Team!

    Redesigning your website is a big undertaking. We know - we help people do it every day. We also know you invest a lot of money and time into a website redesign project and want it done right. If you’re hiring a company like IMPACT to help you with your website, they’ll typically have a discovery and scoping process that goes something like this: How large is your current ...

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  • 3 Misconceptions Ruining Your Website [INBOUND 2017 Sneak Peek]

    In January 2015, IMPACT was a budding HubSpot partner on a mission: to help people and their organizations succeed, and we were looking for a way to collaborate with other marketing pros, give leads the opportunity to experience our team’s expertise, and interact with the greater inbound marketing community.

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  • 25 Expert Tips for Better Agile Marketing

    Agile marketing, at it’s simplest, is when you apply the principles of the Agile software development methodology to marketing. But what does that really mean? And what does that look like i ...

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  • What Snapchat Memories Means for Marketers

    Snapchat has been slowly morphing from a goofy app for teenagers into a legitimate and powerful marketing opportunity for businesses. In it’s early days, it was a simple way to send pictures to someone without ...

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