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  • Social Media Marketing: The Importance of a Two-Way Conversation

    Since the dawn of social media, brands have been trying to engage and interact with their prospects, leads, and customers in a way that is more human. One way that companies and brands can achieve that type of relationship is through social media. Companies don't want to be seen as power hungry. Instead, ...

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  • 15 Exceptional Landing Page Examples Designed for Lead Generation

    So you've got an outstanding offer or service that you really want to get into the hands of your potential buyers. You've even designed a killer call-to-action graphic or button...you're two-thirds of the way there! Now, it's time to persuade people to convert. The final piece of th ...

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  • The 10 Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

    When it comes to setting and tracking your marketing KPIs, many marketers and business owners are fully aware of the usual suspects. Sales revenue. Leads. Cost per acquisition. But there are a number of other KPIs that you should be tracking in order to execute a more successful marketing ...

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  • 8 Tactics for Mixing Up Your Content Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

    Are you posting the same type of content over and over again? If so, your content marketing strategy will become boring and stale in no time. You’ll begin to wonder if you’re truly reaching and engaging with your audience -- and look for ways to make sure you are. Content marketing is your opportunity to do that and do something different.

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