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  • Lifting the lid of the search box: Excel tips for search marketers

    The motivational quote encourages us to “think outside the box”… But for once, I want you to think behind the box. Have you ever thought about the cogs, bots, artificial intelligence and other algorithms that are getting in motion every time someone hits the “search” button? The computing forces in motion are staggering and the amount of data that is crunched and produced is even more.

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  • Digital transformation, what the search evolution can teach marketers

    If I were to deliver a sales pitch I would want to leave you with one figure; it would be 18%. But I am not a sales person and these pages are not meant to be commercially minded. I am the Head of Marketing in Europe for Microsoft search advertising, and that number made me realise how much transformation the search industry has undergone, and how rich a lesson it could teach marketers.

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  • Ecommerce in France – What You Need To Know Right Now

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 26 seconds Understanding intent, not just queries, is critical to the success of e-commerce. It is all the more critical in informing the evolution of search experiences. After all, we are developing search engines for searchers, not for keywords strings. Bing commissioned a market research from French institute Ifop to dig into the lates ...

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  • Could there be a new generator in the electric world of search?

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 48 seconds Search is like electricity: it is all around us; we don’t see it, it just lights everything up. Search has now become so pervasive that most users are not aware of their search habits. They may not be consciously searching nor aware that search is offering a service without being asked.

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  • What makes Paid Search so damn sexy?

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 41 seconds In the world of marketing and advertising, paid search may sometimes lack the sizzle of social, the zing of video and the visual impact of display. But what happens when we look for beauty that’s more than skin-deep? When a French guy like me looks beyond the blue links of paid search, I see a marketing channel that’s sexy as he ...

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  • Unwrapping European seasonal search trends with #BingAds

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 41 seconds Yes. It’s time to talk about the ‘most wonderful time of the year’: Christmas. As the Head of Marketing Europe for Bing Ads, I like that season because I see mushrooming under my tree insights from different markets across the region. As someone who not only indulges on chocolate log cakes but also on cultural differences, I al ...

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  • Is search data the new crystal ball?

    The more ubiquitous, pervasive and natural search is, the more intelligent it becomes. No longer is it a magnifying glass surfacing content from the depths of the web. Search is starting to look more and more like a crystal ball capable to predict the flight of flu epidemics, match winners and presidential election outcomes.

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  • Voice search: music to an advertiser’s ear

    New search experiences, new expectations We are well beyond the web of documents, and are no longer accessing the web to simply read it. As users we want to do things with it, on it, through it. We are engaging with the internet at a logarithmic scale. And at the same time, the way we engage with the Internet is evolving at an even faster pace.

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  • Search marketing insights: Bing Ads makes the holidays work for you

    I may be a digital marketer but I must confess: I am French before all. As such, my summer holidays are close to sacrosanct, on par with the Tour de France, tartiflette and a good shrug. So as the warmer months close in, I like to stay on top of tourism trends, especially when they entail international travels… As a matter of fact, due to the US dollar strength in recent mo ...

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