• Ad tactics of the auto industry

    In just the past few years, digital ad spending in the automotive industry has risen quickly, and this growth shows no signs of stopping. According to eMarketer, the auto industry spent a staggering $5.11 million on digital advertising in 2013. This year, that number will rise about 14.4 percent to $5.85 million.

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  • Cross-screen is nothing without Web fonts

    While typography might not be a water-cooler topic, it has over the past few years emerged from design circles and entered our wider industry discourse. Choosing the right font for any form of written communication material has become a concern no longer confined to single departments, especially in the case of brands.

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  • 3 ways agency calls for viewability will change ad buying

    Agencies are pushing for transparency from publishers on all fronts, but viewability has by far become their most pressing priority. Industry chatter says that around 50 percent of ads aren’t viewable — though a recent study found that it’s closer to 40 percent. Agencies, quite reasonably, want to know their ads are being seen. At least one major player is setting new rules.

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  • Welcome to the online GRP Era

    The online GRP is here, and it should be giving smaller publications pause. And when we say smaller, we mean everyone smaller than Facebook. Rather than trading in the lingua franca of digital media — clicks, impressions, plays — Facebook is measuring its video reach in online GRPs, and the rest of the industry can’t be far behind. It makes sense.

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  • How TV shows can move on from the 15-second promo

    This is the second part of the “Mobile display ads know-hows” series sharing brief best practice insights from Celtra’s Q1 vertical-specific display advertising benchmark reports. For decades, television was considered a second-tier entertainment medium. Movie stars went on late night shows to promote their newest feature, but wouldn’t consider starring in a television show themselves.

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  • 5 reasons HTML5 ads are ready for prime time

    Two years ago, the debate over HTML5’s future was fierce. Naysayers painted the programming language as immature and insecure, while the anti-Flash crowd called Adobe’s system closed and limited. Today, legacy ad formats are just starting to break free of Flash, ushered toward HTML5 by mobile’s growing audience.

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  • 4 ways social ads hamstring e-commerce

    This is the capstone to the series the “Social Retailer” series exploring how retailers are engaging with social platforms. This series is sponsored by Celtra, the global leader for rich media mobile ad creation, serving and analytics. It is written by Greg Roth, vp of social for Celtra. In August of 2007, Facebook opened its doors to the general public and quickly emerged as ...

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