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    I hope you’re having a fantastic week thus far, and yes it’s been a long time since I last posted. This post is going to ruffle a few feathers, you could say. And when you read this, I want you to be honest with yourself of whether or not you fit the mould of the type of person I’m describing. Have you ever given advice to someone, and every action you suggested, they woul ... 1 readers -
  • If You’re Motivated & Excited By Money… You’re in Luck.

    Posted by Chad Hamzeh in Motivation 10 comments Let me ask you something. Are you motivated and excited by money? The obvious answer for you might be a resounding yes. Dig a bit deeper though. Have you ever been in the situation where you didn’t need more money? Well, if you have, you’ll know where I’m going with this e-mail today, but if you haven’t, then just play alon ...

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  • It’s the single greatest money-getting secret. Ever.

    Today we’re going to talk about response. Specifically, why you typically DON’T ever get the response you want, or the response you were expecting. And when I say response, I mean getting high click through rates, increasing conversions, and making more money with the same amount of traffic that other marketers get. 3 readers -
  • How to Make BIG Money… Really Fast!

    Posted by Chad Hamzeh in Marketing Principles, Motivation 5 comments I get lots of questions when it comes to affiliate marketing, buying traffic, and product development. The vast majority of these questions have really good intentions behind them… “Should I use a landing page for this?” “Should I use blue or red for the button?” “Should I use Facebook Ads?” “Should I _ ...

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  • Why Most List Building Sucks…

    I often encourage new and experienced marketers alike to do list building to some degree. And yes that goes for CPA & Clickbank affiliates as well. The benefits of building an asset, and a controllable traffic source such as an e-mail list, are endless. Now, one big complaint I get when people try to list build is the following: “People opt-in, but they don’t convert.

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  • A Great Article You Need to Read (about iPhone Apps)

    Yes my blog posting slowed down quite a bit… I’ve been really busy with a few projects but I really wanted to send this article out today as I feel the underlying message is an important one. A lot of people don’t know this, but I am actually part owner in an iPhone App called “TonightsFights“. It allows you to find sports bar locations throughout North America that are playi ...

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  • OK, who’s going to run with this strategy?

    Some would think I’d regret releasing this strategy, but in my opinion it’s not really one that can get saturated too easily… and I think it’s a bit common sense as well. This is an enhancement to my “psuedo-merchant” model described in our SixMonthsFromToday private forums. I’m not going to fully out exact offers or lead sources, but in usual fashion I’ll drop enough hints s ... 3 readers -
  • Traffic BlackBook Updated With New FB Strategy

    Posted by Chad Hamzeh in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Facebook/Social 5 comments If you’re a Profit 101 or Traffic BlackBook member, then you’ll be happy to know that the Facebook module has been updated and is live in your members area. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If for some reason you still aren’t a Traffic BlackBook member, then go here and solve your t ...

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  • Let’s Continue the Lesson… Traffic is Easy, Conversion Screws You

    Posted by Chad Hamzeh in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Marketing Principles 2 comments Alright so today I want to continue where we left off on Monday. By the way, the RevenueWire blogger contest closes tonight at 11:59 EST. So if you haven’t voted for me, I’d appreciate you taking 10 seconds to do so please: http://live-dangerously.

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