Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

  • The Anatomy of Video Channels that Make Millions

    What does it take to become a successful video-blogger (vlogger) like PewDiePie, who rakes in a jaw-dropping $7 million each year from his YouTube channel? A sense of humor or an extremely high tolerance for Kinder egg-opening can go a long way, but if this doesn’t come naturally, you’re going to have to read on. People Magazine recently sponsored and covered VidCon 2015.

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  • The Native Advertising Mistake (Almost) Every Marketer is Making

    Finding a native ad attached to a landing page is like spotting Bigfoot. Image source. Many marketers seem to be confused when it comes to native advertising. This became clear to me recently while moderating a panel on native advertising featuring digital marketing, advertising and PR professionals, a conversation that mirrored what I later read in a native ad study conduct ...

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