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  • Dealmakers: Growth Hacking with Sales Automation Technology

    As consumers fragment across the web, mobile, social, and apps, sales prospects have fragmented with them. We tend to think of fragmentation as a major hurdle, but it means opportunities as well — to leverage content, data, and analytics to create an efficient, effective lead pipeline. Investors are turning their attention to this opportunity, pouring money into and acquiring ...

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  • M&A Report: A Long, Hard Look at Loyalty Programs

    I like beer. I’m from Colorado, where beer drinking is as much a social experience as it is a spiritual one. I share that with you only to say that when my Five Stars app pings me, offering me a free beer at one of my favorite brew houses here in Denver, they get my attention. Why is my favorite brew house willing to spend the time and energy to ping my mobile with a free off ...

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