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  • 3 Quick Wins to Grow your Social Marketing Campaigns

    For the past few weeks now, I’ve been focusing a ton of my reading and learning time on Social media and social advertising – Hence my recent (and rather popular) Facebook Ads hack, and the followup post to it. So, after following a TON of advice, I thought I’d finally compile the very best into an epic post that I thought would make for some cool weekend reading.

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  • The God of SEO Top 10 #SEOMusic Songs!

    I haven’t done a more off the cuff/fun post in a while now, so I thought I’d put a little something together for my Top 10 music for when I’m rockin’ some SEO work! Some of the Music I feature is rather Cheesy, but it’s generally quite uplifting music when it comes to doing some rather boring tasks.

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  • Why MyBlogGuest Was Really Penalized

    With white hats across the land being outraged by the heinous crime that Google has portrayed on their little guest blogging empire – I thought I’d get in on the action with my own take on why Google actually penalized MBG. Firstly, this arose in a conversation I was having with Evan who’s one of the SEOs at Godlike Marketing – We were discussing a Twitter conversation that ar ...

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  • The Grand Launch of InsideIM

    For the past few weeks I’ve been speaking with a number of SEOs and Internet Marketers that are annoyed they don’t have a creative space to express their opinions in a less-professional enviroment. I’ll be fully honest with this endeavor, the entire reason we put together InsideIM was because of Inbound.

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  • SEO Recovery Review – Cheap Lies

    So a lot of people asked me about this product in my Facebook Group and the BH.C Skype Group. As a few BH.C users had access to it, I dug my way in and started looking around both the sales page and the product itself. So far, it’s less than satisfactory. The Sales Page We need to start ripping it apart somewhere, why not where the users get thrown to first? Essentially, the e ...

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  • Black Hat Underground & Why I’m Repealing My Support

    So a lot of you in the Black Hat SEO Scene will of seen all the drama that’s been going down over at BHU (Black Hat Underground) with the entire moderator staff resigning, Agent Black Hat banning people left and right and follow-up emails from CCarter to all BHU Members. Originally, I wasn’t going to get involved at all with this..

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  • The Ultimate SEO Vendor List

    So a lot of people always ask me what vendors or services I’d recommend for specific things – PBNs, Citations etc.. So I thought I’d spend a couple hours compiling the ultimate list of services I’ve used and reviewing each of them with a mini-review of their own, so you guys can reference it and not have to spam my email with questions on specific vendors.

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  • Black Hat SEO Can Be Long Term [3 Case Studies]

    The Start of this post discusses the industry, history of SEO comments and an introduction to my opinion of the different forms of SEO. If you’d like to skip straight to the juicy case studies, just scroll down. For the past few years, white hats have been denouncing that black hat SEO can be anything other than short term.

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  • How To Better Your Blog Network

    Something that a lot of people have been asking me about, is how you can improve the quality of your PBN. I’ll one up that question, I’ll help better your PBN, for either free, or a very low cost per site. What do you mean by “better”? Blog network sites are only as good as the quality of the links you’re passing to your money sites/client sites etc..

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  • SEO Optimatic aka Push Button Bullshit

    Update #3 – It Doesn’t Actually Do Anything Watch the video below: $500 for a software that does nothing and 2 PDFs that you can access without an account.. Great product Becker. Here’s the php script that apparently does the work: It actually just redirects to the flashing blue boxes page, doesn’t submit ANYTHING, NOTHING, NADA, 0.

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  • Income Report – September 2014

    September has been my best month so far in terms of traffic, earnings and opportunities. Be prepared for a big income report, because a LOT has happened. Content on the Blog I started of September by releasing my How to Find Domains tutorial, which has garnered a lot of attention from the PBN Community and has been getting good traffic trough out September as people keep sharing it.

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  • Panda 4.1 aka #27 is Out!

    If you’re a BH.C Premium User, you can join in with the discussion here. Google announced yesterday that the newest edition of Panda is out. It’s time for some wild speculation and a whole bunch of discussion. Last Update Compared So last time there was a Panda update, I focused on one of my sites that has a mixture of pages with tons of content, not so much content and also ...

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  • Source Autopilot – How to get Deindexed for $1,300/Month

    I’m not a jackass, I’m not going to expose ANY domains in this post. Just show the research I’ve done with samples I’ve been given by Souce Autopilot Customers. I mentioned in my CloudPBN Exposé that I’d look into any complaints and review any products currently on offer. This one stuck out. I was messaged, emailed, skype’d and PM’d by a lot of Source AutoPilot users recently.

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  • Blog Networks, Ban Hammers & A Whole Lot of Fear

    All of this is just research based knowledge. I don’t work for or own Google so I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. That being said, I generally don’t do a post unless I’ve researched the topic very well. All of the admins or moderators on BlackHat.Community run blog networks, none of us have had any of our PBN sites hit, so far.

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  • Launching BlackHat.Community

    For the past 6 months now, I’ve been working with Todd (Who I mentioned in my year case study) to develop the world’s first Black Hat SEO Tool Suite. We also wanted to integrate an entire community and site around the tool suite itself, though… So from the ashes of our idea and previous projects together, came BlackHat.Community.

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  • Private Blog Networks.

    A lot of people asked for my take on creating, building and managing blog networks. So I put together a small, 8 minute video presentation on exactly how I go about doing just that. Video - Resources - I mentioned a few different things in this post, so here’s a list for you to access them all. Namecheap Marketplace How to buy Domains, the Right Way Skynet Hosting Rank ...

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  • Lifting the Shit Show on “CloudPBN”

    I’m guessing if you’re an SEO, affiliate marketer or ever signed up to pretty much any Newsletter (except mine and a few bloggers that have something called dignity) within the industry.. You probably will of heard of this {Genius|Amazing|Revolutionary} method to Game Google with your very own PBN Builder called CloudPBN.

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  • How To Buy Domains, The Right Way

    Warning – This Tutorial is pretty complicated at stages. Today, in SEO there are more than a few reasons why buying expired domains is a good idea. The problem is that a lot of people are going about it all wrong, more than that though people are still going through vendors who are charging a nice 600% markup on some domains that they bagged for $10.00 and then sold you for $60.00.

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