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  • My guide to productivity (sort of)

    Productivity, it’s a funny one isn’t it. It would be great if we could flick a switch that turns on productivity mode, but alas, it doesn’t work like that. Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a couple of habits that have boosted my daily productivity, and as I’m such a lovely person, I’m sharing my secrets with you.

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  • Month in Numbers: March 2015

    A quarter of the way through the year already, can you believe it? It’s about that time in the year where brands begin to ramp up their digital advertising budgets in preparation for the summer sales madness. But for March, some modest (not really) digital stats from the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and Reevoo.

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  • Brighton SEO 2015: Preparing to go Live

    This Brain wave was posted in SEO on 06 April 2015 10:52 Author: Charlotte Hardy Joel and I are heading to Brighton SEO on Friday 10 April to get our yearly fill of awesome geeky seo-ness. It’s quite the trip for us up in Edinburgh; a 4am start, various planes and trains and the likelihood of missing the ‘after-party’ to catch a flight back to Edinburgh in the evening.

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  • Are You Native to Native Advertising?

    ‘Native advertising’ is shaping up to be the next buzzword in 2015, but are you native to native advertising? What is native advertising? Native advertising has been a source of controversy over the past couple of years. Some marketers think it’s cheeky, some think it’s deceptive, others think it’s pure genius.

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  • BrightonSEO 2015

    Joel Lumsden our Head of SEO and Charlie Hardy one of our lovely search strategists, provide their views on the days event, blogging live. Please feel free to leave a comment if you’ve anything you’d like to add. Session 1: Social Content Erica McGillivray | Moz | Flare and pivot for social image sharing HBO and other big obnoxious brands are ‘killing it’ with images on social media.

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  • Heat Map Your Way to More Conversions

    Recently we’ve been shopping for a more comprehensive heat mapping tool. Historically we’ve used CrazyEgg which has done the job quite nicely but following a few issues over the past few months we’ve started looking elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, Crazy Egg is great is you’re looking for a simple heat mapping tool but that’s (just) about as far as it goes.

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  • Month in Numbers: January 2015

    Welcome to 2015, can you believe the first month of the year has been and gone already? That’s one less month to better your online presence and blow your competitors out of water! This month we’re looking at what’s to come in 2015, the future of content marketing and British shopaholics, among other things. Let’s get down to business.

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  • Month in Numbers: December 2014

    Happy New Year folks! Monday, January 5th, back to normality. To help ease you back into your usual routine (boo), here’s your ever punctual Month in Numbers for December. This month, can you guess the most unsubscribed from email sender? How about the most loved brand on Twitter? That and more in this edition of our Month in Numbers series. 285 Heard of Unroll.Me? No? They’re seriously awesome.

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  • Happy New Year from the Attacat Team!

    From everyone here in the Attacat office, we’d like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! We look forward to getting stuck into 2015 and seeing what we can achieve for our clients, old and new. To celebrate the finishing of 2014, here’s our Attacat-bred reading list and service resource for the year. Search Engine Optimisation Will the Google bear bite into your traffic? Panda 4.

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  • Month in Numbers: November 2014

    With the lead up to Christmas the biggest stats from November and going forward are likely to revolve around e-commerce activity. In November’s case; Black Friday, the biggest day of the year for retailers, and consumers alike. 2014 is the first year that the UK have actually embraced Black Friday and boy did it go off with a bang, with riots, arrests and stores forced to close ...

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  • Month in Numbers: October 2014

    I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking is it Christmas yet? I’m afraid, with heartfelt sorrow that it is not, in fact, Christmas. Fear not, here’s a Christmas countdown so you can countdown the days until the best day of the year ever. This is probably the last month of stats before I go into Christmas mode so enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Month in Numbers: September 2014

    September was a pretty intense month for Scotland with the Independence Referendum taking place on the 19th, lots of online discussion and as you’d imagine, lot’s of stats. I thought I’d be controversial and not include any referendum-related stats in this edition of Month in Numbers, I figured you’re all sick of hearing about it anyway! So instead we’ve got statistics on my f ...

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  • Month In Numbers: August 2014

    Hello lovely Month In Numbers readers. Those of you who live with us in our little Scottish capital city will know that August is a pretty huge month for Edinburgh; the biggest comedy festival in the world takes place as well as the International Book Festival…as well as the Edinburgh Tattoo. It turns our quiet little haven into a bustling, hectic terror town.

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  • Month In Numbers: July 2014

    It’s been a hot month for numbers in July, and by hot, I mean HOT! Our little home city of Edinburgh has had some scorching temperatures in July and this means everyone is happy. Vitamin D levels are on the rise which in turn means the office is looking less like a zombie cave and more like a vampire cave.

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  • Month In Numbers: June 2014

    I’m afraid this and next month’s Month In Numbers are going to be pretty World Cup heavy as that seems to be the overriding topic taking over the internet at the moment, nothing else is really getting a look in! This month we’ve got stats on Louis Suarez (of course), the insanity that is Google’s Ad revenue and some insightful stuff on cart abandonment. 10.

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