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  • Is it Possible to Support Your Family From an Indie Business? Yes. Just Listen to This.

    Is it actually possible to support your family over the long-haul with an independent online small business? Like, is it actually possible? Or are we all just kind of hoping that our blog or podcast or freelancing business will last? Steve Maxwell maxes and relaxes making his online business with that old-ass macbook… this is long before the 4 hour workweek methinks :) Well this episode ri.

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  • 10 Things That Have Changed About Online Business In The Past 10 Years

    Want to hear from some giants in the online business space about what’s changed in business the past 10 years? You should. Why? Ever wonder what is actually important to learn when it comes to building your own business? Are you getting left behind by the ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape? Then you better get into this episode.

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  • How to Transition into a Truly Meaningful Life With Charles Eisenstein (FS243)

    What would happen if you realized that you aren’t actually doing what you love? How would you transition into a truly meaningful life? While we’re at it, what does it really mean to use your gifts to change the world? And how can you earn your living along the way? If you’re working for yourself already you know how easy it can be to get caught up in the busy-ness and lose track of what matter.

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  • Making The Sale — Three Essential Ingredients That Get Customers To Buy Now (FS242)

    If you’ve ever had high hopes about how good your sales were going to be… and then had those hopes destroyed by little to no results? So often we see business owners who get super excited about launching a new product or service, and they have high hopes about making those sales. They then proceed to put it out there, push it to social media, email their list, and give someth ...

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  • Networking, Avoiding Hard Stuff & Lessons Learned Making 100 Projects in 1 Year

    If you are stuck in the romantic notion of what it looks like to create a business and you need some motivation to stop running away from the hard work, you’re going to love this episode. On today’s show we are joined by none other than Justin Jackson, who went from having a day job to being a successful author and creating 100 projects in one year, all to show that it is poss ...

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  • The Step-by-Step Story of Becoming a Full-Time Blogger (FS240)

    If you’re working through all the hope and doubt and strategies it takes to become a full-time blogger, then you’re going to enjoy the bejeezus out of this episode. Today on the show we are joined by Beth Hornback, who has an incredible story about how she carefully worked the steps and stages necessary to quit her job and work on her blog full-time.

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  • How to Setup Multiple Opt-In Freebies With Mailchimp

    Adding an opt-in incentive to your website and social accounts can make a massive impact on your email list growth and customer engagement. Up until recently MailChimp made it difficult to do this well, but now that’s all changed. Though we love tools like ConvertKit for more advanced blogging and online business, it’s hard to beat MailChimp’s free account for new projects.

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  • 3 Myths About the “Starving Artist” Destroyed (FS238)

    I’ve always had this assumption that real artists, real creatives, live lives without much commercial success. But today’s show directly confronts that idea… hell, it blows it up. We brought in Jeff Goins who’s just written a book called Real Artists Don’t Starve to break down 3 myths about starving artists. (Note: the Michelangelo story was well worth the cost of admission.

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  • You Don’t Lack Discipline, You Lack Motivation. There’s a Difference

    As indie entrepreneurs we live and die by the execution of our ideas. Without the right focus and motivation, discipline alone won’t save you. I find it’s very common for creatives and business builders to feel they lack discipline. We think if we had more discipline then we’d be making more progress on our idea. I don’t agree. You don’t lack discipline, you lack motivation.

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  • My Big Mistake on YouTube

    I made an embarrassing mistake on YouTube and I loved it. Making mistakes out loud is a pre-requisite for entrepreneurship. Because if you’re too worried about making mistakes—about being seen as “immature” or “uncertain” or even “stupid”—you might not launch anything at all. You may not know this but I am a kind of professional small business builder.

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  • Why “Just Power Through” is Terrible Advice (FS236)

    Burning out and blowing up costs us all way too much in our businesses. “Just power through it” is terrible advice because it’s a recipe for burnout, for blowing up. Nobody gets to storming out of the office yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” without powering through a whole lotta bullsh*t for a while.

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  • How “Complete-able” is Your Online Course? Here’s 3 Things to Improve (FS235)

    We spoke to one of the most prolific and successful course makers we know, Vanessa Van Edwards, about how we can all improve our online courses. For any of you course makers out there these insights are going to help you make much more successful courses — both for you and your customers. Online courses are being created like crazy these days because the market for e-learnin ...

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  • You Have Permission Not to Turn Your Passion Into a Scalable, Online Business (FS234)

    “Lots of people tell you what you "should" want as a creative or as an entrepreneur. Shut out the noise for a hot second and decide what success looks and feels like for yourself.” Oh man, you guys, there’s this entrepreneur named Stephanie Halligan… I think you’re going to love her story. “I spent a long time trying to sell and monetize my list on Art to Self and it kept fe ...

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  • How to Build a Business You Can Run From Anywhere

    As indie entrepreneurs, sometimes all it takes is a little travel break to remind us why we started our business in the first place. Travel is amazing for inspiration and perspective. It would be terrible to make a business that doesn’t allow you to travel. Just think about that! You put all this work in to get your business WORKING. Topic we care about… check.

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  • The Hurdle Between Free & Paid for Entrepreneurs With Heart (FS232)

    As an indie entrepreneur, if you want to make sales and build a thriving business you need to overcome the hurdle between free and paid. When we say “free” we mean the stuff you do for free… the content, the social media stuff, the free guides you create as lead magnets. That free stuff is the first step in seeing if people like what you have to offer. It’s an important step.

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  • Could 1 Small Tweak Change Everything in Your Business?

    Business ideas almost never work right out of the gate. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs put a ton of pressure on themselves to make their idea work. The truth is, every business goes through natural shifts over time. It’s true. If you’re building a business, expect to make shifts and tweaks over time… because from our experience it seems that’s just what entrepreneurs do.

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  • What Makes a Good, Un-Sleazy Lead Magnet? 9 Utterly Clear Examples

    Email is the centerpiece of modern indie businesses. It’s a critical way we engage with our audience for direct sales and relationship. So, all us modern entrepreneurs know we need to be growing our email lists. And by now most of us have been to websites offering something for free via an email capture form.

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  • Counteract Fear and Get More Results With This Simple Trick

    If we go for too long without progress, we lose momentum and the work grows more and more resistance. Do you know what I mean? When the work just kind of feels heavier and heavier? This happens in our projects. It happens in our goals. It happens in anything we want to achieve or accomplish. And if this happens, we lose our progress, our momentum and our sense of direction.

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