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  • How To Live A Good Life (FS185)

    Modern western culture is buzzing with ideas about living a happy and fulfilled life. I can’t walk down the street without seeing a #liveyourdream hashtag on something. There seems to be hundreds of books, podcasts, courses, shows and instagram accounts about it. But with all the gurus and research courses and books out there, is there a framework that can really help? I mean, ...

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  • 7 Ways to Work ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business (FS184)

    Overwhelmed. Submerged. Swamped. Engulfed. This is what it feels like to become lost inside your business. You get lost in the necessary day to day operations. You get lost wasting months on an elusive project that never gets finished. You get lost in the fog of un-motivation. (Or is it “de-motivation”?) You get lost in the anxiety and worry of declining metrics.

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  • 9 Reasons Why Your Audience Isn’t Growing (FS183)

    “I did everything right, but my audience STILL isn’t growing. How do I get random strangers to discover me?” I loved how honestly the question was asked in the Fizzle Forums. It came from a woman who had taken one of our courses, the one about defining and understanding your target audience. The course had helped her make big improvements to her website, going so far as to d ...

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  • 15 Ways (Other than Writing) to Make a Living in Indie-Publishing

    Getting books into the hands of readers no longer means having to query and secure a literary agent and then, by some miracle, land a publishing contract with a New York publishing houses. Creating a book independently is easier than ever, and much of the negative stigma around self-publishing has vanished as self-published books like Peter Weir’s The Martian have hit it big ...

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  • Your Customers Can Teach You How to Sell to Them. Here’s How (FS182)

    One huge risk in modern small business is to spend months or years working on a project only to release it… and find nobody wants it. Entrepreneurship has risk at the heart of it. We manage risk. Some of us manage that risk well. Others poorly. Most of us don’t plan for risk very well, but we’ve got enough tenacity to make changes on the fly as we learn.

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  • 25 of Our Favorite Workflow Tips for Entrepreneurs (FS180)

    We’ve all felt that feeling where, at the end of the day, you wish you felt better about the stuff you accomplished. (Unless you’re perfect, of course.) You wish you got more done. There’s a heaviness, a tiredness and a good helping of “dammit I didn’t give it my all today.” Let’s talk about that, and let’s talk about 25 of our favorite tips to manage tasks we all have to deal with.

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  • Writing Copy For The Web: The 80/20 Guide to Copywriting For Entrepreneurs

    If you want to write things that inspire action — web sales pages that effectively sell your product, emails that readers will click on and share, etc. — this article is for you. I repeat: if you want to make things on the internet that work, if you want to publish webpages and videos and podcasts and emails into the world that get results, you’re in the right place.

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  • How Much Money Should I Have Saved Up Before I Quit My Job? (FS176)

    Before people start a business they usually have a decision to make: am I going to quit my job and work full time on this, or am I going to work on this on the side? Both have pros and cons, both are frustrating for different reasons. This is a topic to be careful about. Some experts and gurus out there would have you believe you need to just put it all out there, believe in ...

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  • Can a Side Project Fund Your Big Idea? (FS175)

    Some business ideas can be thought up and launched in a single afternoon. Others, however, require a ton of time and effort to get off the ground. So, imagine this (or maybe it sounds familiar to you): Imagine you want to support yourself, earn a living independently. Imagine you have an idea that’s big, one that may not feasibly be able to bring in revenue in the short ...

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  • The Art of Thinking Big (FS174)

    We probably all have one of those friends in our lives who thinks too big. Or those who once thought too big. Maybe now they’re angry at the world, jaded, cynical. There’s a danger to thinking too big. It can burn us out, burn us up, make us miss all the amazing that’s happening right now. There is also a danger of thinking too small.

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  • How to Become a Freelance Writer: Top Insights from 25 Experts

    Working as a freelance writer has attractive benefits, including flexible working hours, location independence, and the ability build a business doing something you love. Learn how to become a freelance writer in this guide featuring insights from 25 experts. In his FinCon presentation, The Opportunities and Challenges of Full-Time Freelance Writing, freelance blogger Jason S ...

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  • 2 Experts Share What Running a Membership Site is Really Like (FS173)

    On the show today, 2 experts share what it’s really like to run a membership site. The experts, of course, are Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves (that’s me) 2 of the co-founders of Fizzle’s Business Courses & Community, a membership site that’s been live for almost 4 years at the time of writing. There’s a lot of conversation in the world of online business about how valuable ...

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  • Is Twitter Still Effective? (FS172)

    “I’ve heard from the Editor in Chief of a big site and they said Twitter was basically ineffective for them. Should I still even bother with it?” This question came up last week in the Fizzle Membership Forums and I think it’s a very interesting question. (In case you weren’t aware, we curate courses and community for indie business builders.

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  • Lessons Learned From a Massive Kickstarter Failure

    Studio Neat are a duo of product makers out of Austin, Texas. They make simple, well designed products for everyday life… mostly for geeks. They had several big successes on Kickstarter like the original Glif, the Cosmonaut Stylus, and the Neat Ice Kit, garnering press like this article in Wired which calls them the “Kickstarter Kings.” And then they failed… hard.

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  • Should Bloggers Use Medium? (FS171)

    Listen, as bloggers we want to get as many people interacting with our content as possible. And more than that, we want them to become FANS, to live their lives in relationship with us. Recently we made a guide to promoting your blog which talks about syndicating your blog posts, that is, publishing your existing articles to different websites like Huffington Post or Medium.

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  • Free Coaching for Bloggers!

    I reached out to a blogger with a huge audience recently and asked him if he knew about a course called Start A Blog That Matters. His reply: “Of course, that’s how I got started.” I chuckled, thinking to myself, ‘this is going to make for a great intro to the announcement.’ Start A Blog That Matters was a blog training program that was created by Corbett Barr — he’s one ...

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  • How to Promote Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide

    Promoting your blog can feel like this big, scary, intimidating thing. Does promoting a blog really even work? Do I have to use tactics I’m not comfortable with? Is promoting my blog going to take more time and effort than I want to spend? Maybe you’ve been blogging for months, or even years, and it just feels like you’re never going to grow the audience you hoped for.

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  • What are the 5 Most Important Lessons in Indie Business? (FS169)

    Listen, there’s so much shit out there you need to learn. So many tips and tricks and “best practices” to start using in your blog, podcast or business of any kind. So today we wanted to try to cut through the smog and prioritize the biggest, baddest, most important things you should know. This list isn’t everything, but each item is essential if your business is going to succeed.

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  • How to be a Newbie & Succeed

    Here’s a challenge we all face, whether we’re bloggers or podcasters or freelancers or makers or hopeful entrepreneurs of any shape… We’ve got to be experts to succeed. Or, at least we have to look like experts, right? Or, at least all the people that you follow are experts, right? But in Fizzle’s forums I’ve had so many damn conversations over the past 3+ years with entre ...

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