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  • Win of the Week: Motivating Ads

    Dieting can be a real pain. We see commercials and ads for weight loss and meal delivery programs across all channels. Most of them make extraneous promises that sound too good to be true and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars, but zero inches. If you were looking to start a diet plan with realistic goals and expectations, which of these ads would win your click? The ...

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  • Win of the Week: Ad Analysis

    Where did we come from? This is a question we’ve all surely asked ourselves a time or two before. Search engines are now a more common place to go to dig up information and records on our family members. That’s why this ancestral analysis website improved their ad game to attract those curious seekers. Take a look at these two PPC ads.

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  • Win of the Week: Emotion Versus Intention

    This weekend brings about another greeting card holiday- Valentine’s Day. Cue the stereotypical imagery: gooey couples, chocolate strawberries, over-priced dinners, nude cherubs with bows and arrows, hearts galore, etc. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t escape it, especially online. Promotions are popping up everywhere for those last minute shoppers looking for “somethi ...

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  • Win of the Week: Creative Coaxing

    With the holiday season in full force, many of us are starting to feel the effects. Maybe the cold weather has you cooped up on the couch watching cheesy Christmas rom-coms, or you’ve been hitting that cheese platter a little too hard at parties. Either way, pounds seem to add up during the winter months. Come New Years Day, it’s time to start making and acting upon those resolutions.

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  • Win of the Week: Hone Your Skills

    With the holiday season in full throttle, your social calendar is probably packed with celebrations with friends and family. All these gatherings, be it the annual ugly sweater party or baby’s first Christmas, present the perfect occasion for photo opps. Or, perhaps you’ve got your eye on a new DSLR and want to take up photography as your new year’s resolution.

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  • Win of the Week: Sand Over Snow

    With a premature snowfall in Chicago this Halloween, the beginning of what could be another unpredictable winter has commenced. And with the impending cold upon us, you may already be planning your mid-winter tropical getaway. But if you’re worried about finding a bathing suit long after swim season has ended, fear not! Winter corresponds with the release of resort collections, ...

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  • BOOst Does Halloween

    Yesterday, BOOsters got in the Halloween spirit for our annual Costume Contest! Highlights included: Paul, our VP of Finance, as a real-life Big Bird Rob, our CO-Founder, as a working keg Group costumes from the Wizard of Oz and the Three Blind Mice Jack In the Box Crew from The Life Aquatic With so many clever costumes, it was hard to pick a winne ...

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  • Boost Goes Boating

    Yesterday Boost Media took a sunset cruise around the San Francisco Bay with a group of 45 clients and Boosters. The group – decked in orange Boost shades, nautical stripes and boat shoes ...

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  • Win of the Week: Gator Fight

    We’re going down to the boondocks to find this week’s ad text winner. Don’t worry- we’re not actually wrestling gators- just ads associated with them. That’s right; alligator-themed parks do exist in this great country. That’s why this week, we’ve chosen two ads for ‘Gatorland;’ and let ‘em go at it! Which one do you think came out on top? If you bet on ad #2, congrats- you ...

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  • Win of the Week – Best Dressed Ad Text

    New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most important time in the Fashion World. Throngs of celebrities, fashion bloggers and style gurus watch the runway in anticipation for the must-have items to add to their wardrobes. Whatever the hot tickets of this season may be, from crop tops to tartan skirts, online shoppers will want to get their mouses on the edgiest items- and fas ...

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  • Test Your Ads Like You Build Your Keywords

    I’m going to break all the rules of industry best practices and say that you should test radically different ad copy within the same ad group without regard to limiting variables between copy variations. If you ask any industry veteran about SEM ad copy testing best practices, they will all tell you precisely the opposite.

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  • Introducing The New Boost Blog

    Today on, you’ll notice some big changes. These are changes that many of our friends, fans and those in the Boost Family have been waiting a very, very long time for. We have successfully launched our first major website redesign since our site debuted in 2009, back when online video was just getting started on the internet and back when the carousel slideshow d ...

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