Chelsea Baldwin

  • Why All Bloggers Should Offer Coaching (Yes, Even You)

    You started your blog because you want people to read it. You want your blog to connect with people. You want your content to reach a wide audience. You want to build a base of fans that gobble up your every word. And yes, at some point, you also want to make money from your blog. Because let’s face it … as much as you love to write, you didn’t start your blog as a journaling project.

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  • Age-Old Advice on Conversion Rate Optimization

    Let’s take a few seconds to step back down memory lane to your first success as a CRO professional. You had a daunting task in front of you—like significantly increasing CTA clicks, keeping people on your site pages longer, getting a certain number of people to your website organically, or sending out an em ...

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