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  • Why Beyonce is the Queen of SEO

    When you think of authority and influence in SEO, who comes to mind? Rand Fishkin? Matt Cutts? Beyoncé? Those first two are pretty typical responses. SEO consultants live and die by the information they share and rightfully so – they’re two of the top experts in the field. The truth remains however, that Beyoncé wields more SEO power than either of them.

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  • 40 Ways to Use SEMrush to Get the SEO Data You Need

    SEMrush is powerful, versatile and all things considered, remarkably accurate. With that being said, SEMrush’s advanced features can be both a gift and a curse. With advanced functionality often comes complexity and it’s fairly easy to get lost in SEMrush’s broad array of features. This guide will serve as a walk through of SEMrush’s most useful ones.

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  • How Pinterest’s New Visual Search Works & its Implication for Marketers

    It happens all the time – you’re on Pinterest and see something so cool that you immediately want to find out what it is, and where you can purchase it. Basically, an experience right out of a marketer’s dream. If the Pinterest image you’ve landed on is the focus item in the Pin, then it’s quite easy to find a place to buy it, either right on Pinterest or elsewhere online.

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  • How to get organic Google Sitelinks with long form content

    Google sitelinks are a land grab – they take up a big chunk in the SERPs and your competition has a lower chance of appearing above the fold, or even on page one. Anytime you can get your website’s pages to take up more real estate in the search results is always a good thing. Not only does it bring more attention to your brand, but it also knocks the next result lower on the page.

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